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Faction Khitomer.png Secret Shuttle Codes
Preceded by:
“Mountain Base”
Followed by:
“Overgrown Caves”

In Secret Shuttle Codes, the player is instructed to find a recording aboard a Romulan Shuttle belonging to the Tal Shiar.


The player receives a message from the same anonymous person who gave them the “Hidden Camera” recording. This time, the player has to find it aboard a Tal Shiar shuttle in the Mountain Pass. The recording depicts Khiana reporting on her failure to bribe D'Tan, and Commander Ruul deciding to unleash his Hirogen allies on the Starfleet and KDF forces on New Romulus.


Mission Text


... I have to hope you found my other ... gift...

If you are willing, I have more to show you...

Go to the pass in the mountains above the Staging Area... There you will find a shuttle...

Use these access codes to view surveillance footage...



Locate the Shuttle in the Mountain Pass which is located above the Staging Area.


  • Enter the Mountain Pass Instance
  • Reach the shuttle at the end of instance and view the video recording


There are no accolades specific to this mission..


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.


  • The player has to accept “Mountain Base” from that episode list in order to access the Mountain Pass. In case the mission has been completed previously, access it in mission replay from the Episodes section of the Mission Journal.
  • This mission is unlocked (and automatically accepted) after the player completes Tier 2 of the Romulan Reputation System.
  • This mission cannot be repeated, though the player can review the cutscene by returning to the shuttle when replaying "Mountain Base".
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