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Faction Khitomer.png Sphere of Influence
Iconian gateways map.png
Given by:
Preceded by:
“The Power Source”
October 30, 2013
Lv 50: 11340 Experience Point icon.png
Lv 50: 9900 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:

In Sphere of Influence, the player and other representatives of the Romulan Republic, the Federation and the Klingon Defense Force are invited by D'Tan to New Romulus for the reactivation of a recently discovered Iconian gateway.


Due to an accident during its reactivation, the player, along with Ambassador Worf, Va'Kel Shon and other Federation, Klingon and Romulan representatives, is forced to use the recently discovered Iconian gateway on New Romulus. Trapped in subspace the group encounters the Solanae but eventually manages to return after reactivating all still operational gateways in the Milky Way. In a commandeered Obelisk Carrier, the group uses one of the gateways and emerges in the Jouret System, where they have to fight off an Elachi force trying to defend the newly uncovered gateway.


Mission Text[]

The gateway discovered beneath the surface of New Romulus is prepared and ready for activation.

Because the Romulan Republic is dedicated to sharing the gateway and all we learn from it with our allies, we are inviting representatives of the Romulan Republic, the Federation and the Klingon Defense Force to join us on New Romulus for the first trip through the gateway.

I would be honored if you would join us, <rank>.

This mission can only be completed as a single player.


Go to New Romulus, which is located in the Beta Quadrant, and attend the dedication and reactivation of an Iconian gateway.


Ambassador Worf

  • Threshold
    • Go To New Romulus Gateway Complex
    • Speak with Kererek
    • Advise Science Team
      • Speak with Researcher A'dranna
      • Find Variance Coefficients
      • Speak with Researcher A'dranna
      • Bring Commander Maiek the new report
    • Help Commander Maiek
      • Activate Main Power Grid
      • Open Gateway Pylon Doors
      • Activate Gateway Pylon Risers
      • Return to Commander Maiek
      • Speak with Captain Shon
    • Place Emergency Charges (0/2)
    • Return to Kererek
    • Observe Gateway Activation

An examination table used by the solanogen-based lifeforms to experiment on other humanoids.

A group of solanogen-based humanoids experimenting on Commander Maiek and Captain Shon.

  • The Other Side
    • Go To Unknown Location
    • Triage
      • Check Crates from New Romulus for Useful Items (0/3)
      • Assist the Wounded (0/4)
    • Exit Inital Room
      • Speak with Worf
      • Help Worf Open Doorway
      • Enter the Next Room
      • Scan the Exits (0/3)
      • Discuss Which Path to Take
      • Order Federation Security Officers to Organize Security
    • Find a Way Out
      • Go to Next Room with Worf
      • Investigate Room
        • Scan Equipment (0/3)
      • Hail Exploration Teams
      • Examine Strange Console
      • Notify Exploration Teams of Findings
        • Hail Other Teams
      • Look for Shon
      • Investigate the Strange Technology
      • Return to the rest of the Refugees
      • Hail Anyone
    • Recover the Others
      • Follow Koren's Path
        • Examine the Strange Table
        • Examine Evidence of Fight
        • Examine Data Storage
        • Discuss with Worf
      • Look for Captives
      • Kill the Guardian
      • Open Door to Holding Pens
      • Get Components from Dead Automated Guardian
      • Break Down Door
    • Free the Captives and take headcount
      • Free Captives (0/6)
      • Speak with Koren
      • Recover the Missing
        • Find Shon and Maiek
      • Examine Shon
      • Examine Maiek
    • Follow Energy Signature
    • Exit Through the Doorway
    • Use Console
    • Cross to Energy Signature and Discover Information
      • Investigate Energy Signature
      • Discover Information (0/6)
    • Attempt to Activate Console
    • Disable Guardians
    • Summon Everyone to the Platform
    • Reroute Power
    • Reconfigure Controls
    • Assist Worf with Downloading Data
      • Establish Datalink with Tricorder
      • Find Most Relevant Files
      • Download Data to Tricorder
    • Exit Through the Gate
    • Investigate Bridge Consoles (0/4)
    • Fly Through The Gate

A map of all (re-)activated Iconian gateways in the Milky Way.

  • Enemy at the Gate
    • Defeat Elachi Vanguard
    • Defeat Elachi Reinforcements
    • Regroup
    • Defeat Elachi Assault Fleet
    • Decide fate of the Gateway
    • Exit System
  • Hail D'Tan


NPC Starships[]


Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Leap of Faith icon.png Leap of Faith Left the designated pathways in the Expanse area during Sphere of Influence. Jump off of the pathway before the last console. 10
Reconnaissance icon.png Reconnaissance Explored all side paths in the expanse area during Sphere of Influence. Open and explore all pathways before the final console. 10


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.


For a full transcript of this mission, visit the Transcript page.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
50 Vice Admiral 2126 1856 XI


  • Feature Episode, released on October 30, 2013 prior to the release of Season Eight: The Sphere.
  • Minimum level requirement until December 5, 2013 was 10+, rewarding a [Special Requisition Pack - Obelisk Carrier] once per character at first playthrough; the included Obelisk Carrier could be unpacked at Level 40+.
  • With the patch on December 5, 2013 the mission has been included into the regular level progression (storyline missions), with a new minimum level requirement of 50, leading into the Level 50 Solanae Dyson Sphere adventure zone. The free Obelisk Carrier has been removed, and can now be aquired through the Fleet Spire at Tier 1.
  • There are three Hidden Compartments in the Consoles, in the Expanse area, rewarding a version of the [Hangar - Advanced Obelisk Swarmers] carrier pets that can only be used on the Obelisk Carrier or the Advanced Obelisk Carrier. To obtain them, you must obtain the "Reconnaissance" accolade and observed all six main consoles, but you must get them before you approach the final platform and trigger off the cutscene there. The accolade is awarded upon reaching the last red pathway. Once you have interacted with all three of the extra consoles (at the dead ends), go back to the last visited green console a second time to get the hidden compartment option. The consoles are where the green pathways lead to.
  • This mission draws heavily from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Schisms", particularly the solanogen-based lifeforms and the experiments they conduct on those they capture.
  • This is the first mission to feature the flagships of all the playable factions (I.K.S. Bortasqu', U.S.S. Enterprise-F, and R.R.W. Lleiset) together at the same time.


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