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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.

In State of Q the player's starship is sent to escort a survey ship in Borg space, which leads to an encounter with the infamous Q.


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Mission Text[]

The U.S.S. Copernicus is surveying the Alini System, but Starfleet isn't comfortable sending a lone survey ship into space where the Borg have been sighted.

Captain Cassini might need some help. Would you be willing to go to the Alini system as an escort for the Copernicus?


Go to the Alini System, located in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block, and help the U.S.S. Copernicus.


  • Deja Q
    • Go To Alini System
    • Rescue U.S.S. Copernicus
    • Rescue U.S.S. Copernicus... With Feeling
    • Rescue U.S.S. Copernicus... Like Your Life Depends on It
    • Stay Near the Copernicus
    • Hail Q
    • Tell Q to Get On With It
  • Q's Gambit
    • Go To U.S.S. Saratoga
    • Talk to Q
    • Clear a Path
    • Hold Your Ground
      • Defeat Remaining Borg
      • Talk to Q
    • Defeat Borg Boss
    • Destroy Borg Devices (0/2)
    • Talk to Q Through the Window
  • We are the Q
    • Go To Alini System
    • Defeat the Borg
    • Depart System
  • Contact Starfleet




NPC starships[]




There are no accolades specific to this mission.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing might be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
46–49 Faction FED25.png Rear Admiral UH
Faction Romulan Republic.png Subadmiral II
1935 1856 X
50 Faction Romulan Republic.png Vice Admiral 2232 1949 XI


  • If you want to, during the first portion of the mission, you can minimize Q's chat windows and fly around the system picking up the trace elements that are present.
  • While on-board the Saratoga, it is possible to spot the U.S.S. Enterprise-D through one of the ship's hull breaches. This is somewhat anachronistic, as the Enterprise-D did not reach Wolf 359 until after the Saratoga and the rest of the fleet had been destroyed by the Borg.
  • The 24th-century Borg drones the player encounters on-board the Saratoga will not adapt to the player's weapons. The 25th-century Borg the player fights in the final chamber however will adapt.
  • This mission was originally available only to Starfleet players, but with the Legacy of Romulus expansion was made available to KDF & Romulan players as well.
  • This mission was removed from game on April 22, 2014 with the release of Season Nine: A New Accord, pending a possible future revamp.
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