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Faction Starfleet.png Stranded In Space
EP - Stranded in Space.png
Given by:
Story Arc:
Klingon War
February 2, 2010
520 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

In Stranded In Space the player responds to a distress call from a Bolian freighter, the S.S. Azura.


A Bolian freighter, the S.S. Azura, has gone missing on her way to Earth Spacedock.

Upon investigation it is found out that the ship was attacked by Orion ships in an asteroid field, near Federation trade routes.

As the last attackers are driven away, the ship's warp core is about to go critical. However, radiation leaks prevent the transport of the people on board.

The Azura might be doomed. Still, it is the officers' turn to save Captain Brott and her crew, while fending off boarding Orion thugs and privateers, as well as Klingon reinforcements.


Mission Text[]

<rank>, I've received a report that there is a Bolian freighter that is overdue arriving at Earth Spacedock. It may need assistance.

Danna Brott is an experienced captain and the daughter of a former Starfleet officer. It's not like her to be out of contact.

Your orders are to head out to Sector Space and find the Azura. I've already transmitted the ship's last known coordinates to your conn officer.

Good luck!


Locate the missing ship S.S. Azura.


A desolate star system, a few light years from Earth.

  • Azura Blues
    • Go To S.S. Azura
    • Destroy the Orion Ships
    • Scan the Azura
    • Beam Onto the Azura
  • Act of Defiance
    • Speak to Transporter Chief
    • Use Transporter
    • [Science] Heal Injured Crew (0/3)
    • Shut Down the Plasma Leaks (0/3)
    • Delta objective.png Find Unusual Technology (Delta Recruits)
    • [Engineering] Contain the Warp Core
    • [Tactical] Open Plasma Conduit
    • Locate the Warp Core
    • Speak to Captain Brott
    • Return to Aft Cargo Bay
    • Use Transporter
    • Speak to Transporter Chief
    • Use Turbolift
    • Destroy the Klingon Ships
    • Rescue Captain Brott
    • Depart System
  • Hail Starfleet to Report






NPC starships[]




Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Mining Survey icon.png Mining Survey Fly Through the Hole in the Large Asteroid A hidden accolade earned by flying through the hole in the large asteroid at beginning of rescue mission. 25
Cochrane's Student icon.png Cochrane's Student You protected the S.S. Azura's warp core. Requires Engineering Player
Active forcefield around warp core from consoles in engineering
Critical Care icon.png Critical Care Rescue all injured crew on the S.S. Azura Requires Science Player
Talk to and treat three injured crew

*This accolade is bugged and often won't progress.

Tactical Thinking icon.png Tactical Thinking Used the plasma leaks on the S.S. Azura to your advantage. Requires Tactical Player
Use console near engineering to have plasma take out Orions

*This accolade is bugged and often won't progress.

Plays Well With Others icon.png Plays Well With Others All class specific objectives completed during one play through of Stranded in Space. Accomplish objectives from "Cochrane's Student," "Critical Care," and "Tactical Thinking" 10


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
1–9 Lieutenant 585 146 II
10–19 Lt. Commander 1158 675 IV
20–29 Commander 1552 1338 VI
30–39 Captain 1743 1878 VIII
40–49 Rear Admiral 1935 1856 X
50–60 Admiral 1935 2148 XI

Canon References[]


  • With the first year anniversary of Star Trek Online this episode has been remastered. It now showcases some of the features that were introduced with the first three weekly series. Those include scaling enemies, optional career-specific tasks, cut scenes, additional accolades and overall streamlined gameplay.
  • In the original version of the episode, 12 crew members had to be rescued for the accolade Above and Beyond. The remastered version replaces this with a science-only task to heal and save three injured crew members, newly introducing tactical-only and engineering-only tasks.
  • Progressing straight through the storyline missions, players will have earned at least a total of 15040 Skill Points, and be promoted to Lieutenant (Level 4). This includes the accolade Lieutenant Ability: Rank II and unlocks the first profession-specific Ground Ability. Also the tutorial mission “Medical Attention” becomes available.
  • This mission was reworked with Season 15. The changes were limited to the addition of Klingon ground NPCs near the end of the Azura portion of the mission, as well as Klingon ships replacing the Orion ones at the end. The mission switched positions with “Diplomatic Orders”, becoming the 2nd mission in the Klingon War story arc.
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