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Mission Text[]


With the war over, it's time for us to rebuild, to take stock of our situation, and to return to our roots as explorers.

We've recently noticed that a star in an unexplored system near Ferenginar has become unstable. There's nothing to indicate any change to its stellar lifecycle, so this is a perfect opportunity for us to chart the system, investigate the star, and improve our understanding of what's happening.

I want you to head up this investigation. Find out why this star is suddenly dying, and make sure that it isn't going to be a threat to any nearby worlds or systems.


Now that the Iconian War is over, it is time to rebuild the Empire. That means looking for new places to expand.

On the edge of the Alpha Quadrant, near Ferenginar, our astrophysicists have noticed a star that is suddenly fading. They do not understand why it is dying, but they want more detailed information before the star goes out. They also say that there may be valuable resources to harvest from the system, so we should take this opportunity before the Ferengi do.

I want you to prepare your ship for deep space exploration and head to this dying star. Discover anything that might be useful to the Empire.

Romulan Republic[]

The Iconian War is finally over, and we can concentrate once more on securing the future of the Romulan Republic. We've recently learned that an unexplored star system near Ferenginar has suddenly become unstable. Nobody seems to know why the star is dying. In the interest of exploration and expansion of the Republic's knowledge -- and potentially its borders -- I want you to head there and see what you can learn. To secure our future, we will need resources and allies. Turning our ships toward exploration is the best way to find both.



Go to Deep Space Nine to pick up a solar specialist. Then, go to the unexplored star system at the edge of the Ferenginar sector in the Alpha Quadrant and investigate the sudden instability in the star there.


Go to the unexplored star system at the edge of the Ferenginar sector in the Alpha Quadrant and investigate the sudden instability in the star there.


  • Pick Up Specialist from Deep Space Nine
  • The Dying Light
    • Go To Unexplored System
    • Analyze Star for Problems
      • Conduct Scans at Optimal Scanning Range
      • Narrow EM Band
      • Analyze Scans
      • Collect Ejected Solar Particles
      • Travel to Next System Body
    • Analyze Nebula
      • Science Report
      • Search for Anomalous Particle Clusters in Nebula
      • Search for Additional Clues
      • Defeat Tholian Scout Group
      • Travel to Next System Body
    • Analyze Gas Giant
      • Scan Metallic Asteroids (0/3)
      • Exit the Asteroid Belt
      • Scan Gas Giant and Moons
    • Conduct First Contact
    • Plot a Trajectory for the Lukari Solar Probe
    • Launch Solar Probe
    • Wait for Probe
    • Talk to Administrator Kuumaarke
    • Talk to New Arrival
    • Beam to Kal Dano's Ship
  • Inside Out
    • Discuss Plans
      • Talk to Kuumaarke
      • Talk to Kal Dano
    • Adjust Matrix
      • Adjust Blue Spectrum
      • Adjust Red Spectrum
    • Alert!
    • Repel Boarders
    • Talk to Kal Dano Again
    • Return to Your Ship
  • Dangerous Webs
    • Go To Unexplored System
    • Rejuvenate the Star
      • Prepare for Solar Reignition
      • Defeat Tholians
      • Protect Kal Dano's Ship 2:00
      • Defeat Remaining Tholian Ships
      • Evaluate Results
    • Protect the Lukari Homeworld
    • Return to Protect Kal Dano's Ship
    • Talk to Kal Dano
    • Talk to Administrator Kuumaarke
    • Rendezvous with Kal Dano's Ship
    • Return Administrator Kuumaarke Home
    • Depart System
  • Hail Command


NPC starships[]


There are no accolades specific to this mission.


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Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing may be reduced.

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
60 Fleet Admiral ___ ___ 192 XII


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