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In early 2410, Rear Admiral Tuvok asks the player to assist in the organization of a conference of major Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers on the future of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere. The talks are cut short when the Undine attack the Sol System. After Tuvok exploits an attempt of telepathic espionage by "Dr. Cooper" to his own advantage, he and the U.S.S. Voyager assist the player in defending the actual main target of the surprise attack: Qo'noS. Joint Klingon-Federation-Romulan forces prevail and Tuvok takes part in the subsequent negotiation of a cease-fire between the Klingon Empire and the Federation in the Great Hall of the High Council.


Mission Text[]

Recent events have underscored the threat posed by the Undine.

The native species of fluidic space, these aliens have infiltrated galactic powers, including the Federation, by using their shapeshifting and telepathic abilities. In an attempt to form a united front against this threat, I have called for a summit to discuss the means by which the various governments of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants can detect and neutralize the Undine presence.

The location for the talks will be the Jenolan Dyson sphere. Control of this site is currently under dispute by the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. However, I believe that access to the sphere should be a secondary concern to that of the threat of the Undine.

Your experiences in the field may prove to provide a valuable perspective, as well as a moderating influence. Please attend as a representative of the Federation.

This mission can only be completed as a single player.


Go to the gateway near the Jouret system in the Beta Quadrant and travel to the Jenolan Dyson Sphere to attend a conference about the threat posed by Species 8472, also known as the Undine.


  • The Jenolan Conference
    • Go To Undine Conference
    • [FED] Speak with Captain Shon
    • [KDF] Speak with Captain Koren
    • [RRF] Speak with Captain Jarok
    • Speak with Admiral Tuvok
    • [FED] Assist with Conference
      • Set Up Security
        • Call Security Team
        • Post Security at the Projector
        • Post Security at the Klingon Delegation
        • Post Security at the Romulan Delegation
      • Stop Argument
    • [KDF] Assist with Conference
      • Intimidate Other Delegates
        • Intimidate Ferengi Delegate
        • Intimidate Cardassian Delegate
      • Scan Jenolan Sphere Technology (0/3)
    • [RRF] Assist with Conference
      • Place Recording Devices (0/3)
      • Monitor Communications
    • Return to Tuvok
    • Speak with Delegates
      • Speak with Ambassador Sugihara
      • Speak with Ambassador S'taass
      • Speak with Proconsul D'Tan
      • (Optional) Xindi Delegate

        The Xindi-Primate delegate

    • Return to Tuvok
    • Put Room into Presentation Mode
    • Tell Delegates to Get to Their Seats (0/4)
    • Begin Presentation

      The Romulan Republic delegation

    • Beam to your Ship!
  • Fires on the Homefront
    • Go To Sol System

      Earth Spacedock, heavily damaged by the Undine ambush

    • Defeat Undine Around Earth
      • Orbital Arc 45
        • Defeat Undine
        • Assist Taskforce One
      • Orbital Arc 30
        • Defeat Undine
        • Assist Taskforce Two
      • Orbital Arc 15
        • Defeat Undine
        • Assist Taskforce Three
      • Orbital Arc 0
      • Defeat Undine Dreadnought
    • Hail Earth Space Dock
  • Into the Flames
    • Go To Earth Spacedock
    • Find Survivors
      • Try to Open Bulkhead Door
      • Find and Assist Spacedock Crewman
      • Cover Tuvok
      • Speak to Ensign R'raak
      • Activate Fire Suppression
      • Assist Survivors in Defeating Undine
      • Speak with Ensign R'raak
    • Find Admiral Quinn
      • Head to Central Hub
      • Help Admiral Quinn
      • Defeat Undine
      • Speak with Tuvok
      • Contact Quinn Using Internal Communications
    • Fight to Admiral Quinn
      • Proceed towards Quinn's Office
      • Defeat Undine Ambush
      • Find Admiral Quinn by His Office
      • Assist Quinn
      • Defeat Undine
      • Speak to Admiral Quinn
      • Defeat E'genn
      • Speak to Admiral Quinn
    • Beam to Your Ship
  • An Empire Divided

M'Tara's appearance on Qo'noS following the Undine attack marked the beginning of the Iconian War.

    • Fight Undine Until Reinforcements Arrive
      • Defeat Undine near Praxis
      • Defeat Undine near the Asteroid Field
      • Fight Undine Fleet
    • Advance Toward the Shipyard
    • Cover Shon's Assault
    • Hail Qo'noS
  • Armistice
    • Go To The Great Hall
    • Talk to Tuvok
    • Celebrate! (0%)
      • (Talk with Others, Toast to Victory, Dance with Others, Use Party Devices)
    • Speak with Chancellor J'mpok
    • Beam to Your Ship
  • Report to Command






Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Cracking Eggs icon.png Bit of a Fixer Upper Viewed the extensive damage to Earth Space Dock during Surface Tension. View damage at the far Force Field, after parting ways with Ensign R'raak. 10
Cracking Eggs icon.png Cracking Eggs Defeated Commander E'genn on Earth Space Dock during Surface Tension. 10
Cracking Eggs icon.png It's a Trap Found and defeated 5 Undine masquerading as Starfleet officers on Earth Space Dock during Surface Tension. Help Injured Officers and replay mission – or beam out and back in before reaching Quinn – for 5 accumulated kills. 10


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing might be reduced. Items don't scale to a player appropriate level, and include:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
50 Vice Admiral 2126 1856 XI


  • Feature Episode, released on April 22, 2014 tied to the release of Season Nine: A New Accord.
  • From April 22 to May 22, 2014 the mission was playable on Level 10+, while most rewards (Kits and Console) were non-scaling (Mark XI/XII) and therefore become usable, when the player's character reaches Level 50. The Trait rewards however could be used on any level.
  • This mission advances the year from 2409 to 2410, as seen in the opening cutscene. Notably, it also ends the Federation-Klingon War and gives an in-universe reason for the revamp of Earth Space Dock, which occurred with the release of Season 9. Additionally, "Surface Tension" also marks the first in-game appearance of an Iconian, after their involvement in Star Trek Online's overall plot has been teased for more than four years.
  • During the phase of the mission where the player covers Captain Shon's assault on the Planet Killer, the player's energy weapons are automatically locked on Cannon: Scatter Volley and/or Beam Array: Fire at Will as well as their torpedoes being set to Torpedo: Spread, even if the player does not normally have those abilities.


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