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Mission text[]

Some time ago, there was a temporal disruption involving the U.S.S. Enterprise-C. We thought the matter was fully resolved, but there was... an oversight.

We need to find one of the Enterprise-C survivors - a temporal duplicate of Starfleet Admiral T'Nae. Until we reconcile her displacement, the timeline is in jeopardy.

There's one person in particular that can provide the location of the survivors - Sela of Romulus. We believe she's operating in the Sitor system. Meet me there to search for Sela and enlist her aid.


Travel to the Sitor system in the Beta Quadrant and search for Sela.


Yar after forty years of captivity

  • No Time Left to Lose
    • Go To Sitor System
    • Speak with Daniels
    • Search System
      • Fly to Unidentified Structures
      • Scan Outpost
      • Consult with Daniels
      • Fight Romulan Loyalist Ships
      • Consult with Daniels
    • Follow the Trail
      • Follow the Romulan Loyalist Ships
      • Answer Hail
      • Fight Sela's Ships
      • Answer Hail
      • Beam Sela Aboard
    • Travel to Pictae System
  • Time Stands Still
    • Go To Pictae System
    • Defeat Tholians (0/2)
    • Consult with Daniels
    • Scan Anomaly
    • Defeat Tholians
    • Approach Planet
    • Beam Down to Pictae
  • Retrograde
    • Go To Pictae
    • The Prison
      • Look for Signs of Survivors (0/3)
        • Consult with Daniels
        • Disrupt Temporal Anomaly
        • Collect Last Datapad
      • Find a Way Out
        • Speak with Daniels
        • Disperse Anomalies to Clear Gate Controls
        • Disperse Anomalies to Return
        • Return to Daniels
      • Voices of the Past
        • Speak to Daniels
        • Speak with Sela
    • Expanding the Search
      • Check out Dock
      • Investigate Half-Buried Datapad
      • Show Tasha's Log to Sela
      • Investigate Anomaly in Security Wall
        • Disperse the Anomaly
        • Speak with Sela
        • Defend Yourself
        • Speak with Sela
    • Twisted Time
      • Approach Large Anomaly
      • Speak with Daniels
      • Follow The Temporal Eddy and Place Stabilizers (0/3)
      • Disrupt the Anomaly
    • The Second Refuge
      • Search for Clues (0/3)
      • Speak with Sela
    • Tracking T'Nae
      • Follow Survivor's Path
        • Examine Trail
        • Follow the Path
        • Defend yourself
        • Follow Tracks
        • Examine Tracks
    • The Final Refuge
      • Find the Settlement
      • Scan Area and Search Cavern
      • Follow T'Nae's Path
      • Defend yourself
      • Speak With Alternate T'Nae
    • Defend T'Nae from the Tholians
    • Speak with Daniels and T'Nae
    • Examine the Graves
    • Speak with Sela
    • Return to Your Ship
  • All That Remains
    • Go To Pictae System
    • Speak with Daniels
    • Defeat Enemy Ships
      • Speak with T'Nae
    • Contact the U.S.S. Pastak
    • Exit System
  • Hail Daniels



NPC starships[]



There are no accolades specific to this mission.


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Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing may be reduced.

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
60 Fleet Admiral ___ ___ 192 XII


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