Mission: Task Force Operations

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Faction Khitomer.png Task Force Operations
Given by:

Preceded by:
“The New Link”
Story Arc:
Borg Advance
October 9, 2018
1957 Expertise icon.png

Task Force Operations is a tutorial mission introducing players to Task Force Operations (TFO). The mission replaced TFO wrappers such as “Task Force Operations: Borg Advance”. It also serves to introduce players to D'Vak and Task Force Omega.

Mission Text[edit | edit source]

We need our best captains to work in teams on special Task Force Operations. These are difficult missions that require a skilled team to work together.

Come see me on Deep Space 9 and I will give you more information about Task Force Operations. We need the help of our most skilled commanders.

Goal[edit | edit source]

Go to Deep Space 9 and meet with Admiral D'Vak to learn about Task Force Operations

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Admiral D'Vak
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