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Faction Starfleet.png Temple Offerings
Story Arc:
Cardassian Struggle
167 Expertise icon.png
Diplomatic XP:
100 Cxp diplomatic icon.png

Temple Offerings is a diplomacy mission available on Deep Space 9.

Mission Text[]

<rank>, the Bajoran government has requested our assistance with a situation.

The Vedek Assembly has chosen a site in Kendra Province for a new temple. However, the site the vedeks have chosen is private property, and the landowner refuses to give or even sell the land to the assembly or the Bajoran government.

The owner of the property is unwilling to cooperate with the Bajorans but the Bajorans don't want to simply take the land. The vedeks feel that eminent domain would cause lingering feelings of ill will that could "taint" the site, making it useless to them. Also, the property owner has rights as a Federation citizen. The Bajorans feel that someone from Starfleet may have better luck. We are authorised to make any reasonable payment to the owner and secure the property. Starfleet will then give the deed to the Vedek Assembly as a goodwill gesture.

I suggest you talk to Tell Barratt on the Promenade. I know that the has had dealings with the landowner, and he may be able to give you some insight as to how to approach him.

Good luck.


Talk to Tell Baratt about the Bajoran landowner.



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