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Mission Text[]

<Rank>, there's been a serious temporal incursion. Head to Deep Space Nine and use the wormhole to travel to the Gamma Quadrant as soon as possible.

Once we're through the wormhole, we'll be travelling to what becomes the New Khitomer system, in the 28th century. It's on the fringe of current Dominion territory, so we should be able to transit in time before they're aware of us.


Use the Bajoran Wormhole to reach the Gamma Quadrant and travel to New Khitomer.


  • Shall We Not Revenge
    • Go To Deep Space 9
    • Briefing
    • Fight TLF Forces in the Area (0/5)
    • Approach the Temporal Fleet Station
    • Beam Down to the Station
  • Running the Gauntlet
    • Go To New Khitomer
    • Briefing
    • West Hall
      • Search For an Entrance to the Assembly Hall
    • Lobby
      • Enter the Lobby
      • Defeat Krenim and Na'kuhl Forces (0/4)
    • East Hall
      • Seek a New Route Into the Assembly Hall
      • Defeat Na'kuhl Sentries (0/2)
      • Enter Assembly Hall
    • Assembly Hall
      • Enter the Assembly Hall
      • Defeat Krog and Boratus
      • Check on Daniels
      • Access the Console
        • Activate the Temporal Ops Relay
    • Beam Up
  • The Die is Cast
    • Go To Deep Space 9
    • Receive Briefing From Crew
    • Approach the I.S.S. Enterprise
    • Hail Admiral Leeta
    • Defeat the Vorgon Ships
    • Defeat the Na'kuhl Forces
    • Pursue the I.S.S. Enterprise
    • Hail Admiral Leeta
    • Defeat the Krenim Vessels
    • Defeat the I.S.S. Enterprise and the Terran Fleet
    • Catch the I.S.S. Enterprise
    • Return to Your Time
  • Hail Temporal Command






Terran Empire[]

  • Critter Rank 1 icon.png Terran Ensign Engineering Officer
  • Critter Rank 3 icon.png Terran Commander Engineering Officer
  • Critter Rank 3 icon.png Terran Commander Science Officer


NPC starships[]




Terran Empire[]



Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Disciple of Sun Tzu icon.png Disciple of Sun Tzu Read the journals of the Temporal Liberation Front leaders in Til the End of Time[sic] Read the 4 PADDs, one in each side room off the corridor while searching for an entrance to the assembly room. The door to the last side room is locked, but can be unlocked with the console in the assembly hall. 10


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing may be reduced.

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
60 Fleet Admiral ___ ___ 192 XII


  • Temporal Reckoning was released on July 6, 2016 as part of the Agents of Yesterday expansion, continuing the Future Proof story arc.
  • The Disciple of Sun Tzu accolade is hidden at the end of the Running the Gauntlet section. The Temporal Ops Relay console allows to open all Security Doors, including the previously closed room in the East Hall. To obtain the accolade, the fourth PADD needs to be found before beaming back to the ship.
  • This mission appears to have developed a bug as of November 2019. When it comes time to engage the Terran fleet, the I.S.S. Enterprise will not engage you or your allies, but will instead start flying around the battle area at a high speed. Using full impulse to catch the Enterprise and fire on it may provoke the ship into combat mode, at which point it will move to an area on the map near where you were battling the Terran forces to begin with. The mission will proceed normally from there. [There is a patch to fix this forthcoming ( ]

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