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Faction Cross-faction.png Tenebris Torquent
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June 5, 2018
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With Havas-Kul likely the homeworld of the Hur'q, Garak, Kira, Bashir and the player head there to see if they can find a way to end the conflict.


Arriving at Havas-Kul, they find the planet abandoned but with significant subterranean development and technology. The atmosphere in the tunnels isn't breathable so the team don EV Suits before beaming down. Shortly after establishing their basecamp, the team is attacked by a Hur'q and fall through the caverns. Now separated, the player works their way through the tunnels learning more about the Hur'q. While the player manages to escape further encounters with the Hur'q that attacked the team, and meet up again with their officers, Bashir and Garak, most of the crewmen from the Defiant are picked off one by one.

Eventually the player gathers the data necessary for Bashir to deduce that the fungus the Hur'q depended upon, which the Dominion removed, was a precursor of Ketracel White. This is then confirmed by the Female Changeling who beams down with Weyoun, Loriss, Dukan'Rex, and some guards. After admitting that her attempt to enslave the Hur'q made them go wildly out of control, Odo reveals himself (hidden amongst Garak's equipment) and challenges her. The Female Changeling orders everyone, including Odo, executed. Garak counters with his own Hur'q signalling device; calling the Hur'q not to Havas-Kul, but Empersa.

Suddenly, the Hur'q from earlier arrives and attacks the Female Changeling, killing her. The team then are forced to take out the Hur'q. Weyoun is determined to carry out the orders to kill them, especially since his Founder is dead. Loriss and Dukan'Rex side with Odo, winning over the Jem'Hadar guards. The team escape through some Hur'q ships in orbit before proceeding to Empersa.


Mission text[]

Researchers led by my friend Doctor Bashir have isolated several fascinating aspects of Hur'q biology. I'm told this data provides insight on their native environment; specifically a metallic planetoid orbiting a pulsar within a nebula. There's one system that meets these requirements: Havas-Kul, in the Gamma Quadrant. I'm going to investigate, along with Captain Kira in the Defiant. Doctor Bashir will accompany us as well - his insight will be critical to the mission's success. The doctor believes we'll find what we need to end this conflict on Havas-Kul. If he's right, and he often is, I'm willing to travel to the heart of enemy territory. Won't you join us?


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NPC starships[]




Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Game Over Man icon.png Game Over Man Discover the body of Kira's crewman in Tenebris Torquent After Williams is taken by the Hur'q Mutant, go up the central anti-gravity pillar to the tunnels above. Next to the data crystal is Williams' body. Interact with it for the accolade. 10


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  • Tenebris Torquent was released on June 5, 2018 as part of the Victory is Life expansion.
  • The episode title, Tenebris Torquent, is Latin for "dark twist" or "twisting darkness" (translated strictly, "[they] twist [to/from] the darkness"). This mirrors the on-screen message after the anti-gravity tunnels referring to dark, twisting passages.
  • Garak mentions how he is not fond of dark, narrow passages; referencing his claustrophobia and time in Internment Camp 371. (By Inferno's Light)
  • As the Hur'q "must not like antigravity", running into the antigravity shafts and holding there for a few seconds will result in the Mutant shrouding itself and running away, skipping combat entirely.
  • The second data crystal the player needs to collect is not found on the ground level, like the other crystals, but can be accessed via the antigravity zone which leads to a series of ducts above the normal corridors.
  • The fates of Crewmen Ishimura, Kane, Weir, and Williams reflect the Star Trek redshirt trope: being previously unmentioned low ranking crew who are rapidly killed off to add drama. Their fates in being picked off one by one in a dark, hostile environment also mirror the fate of the engineering team in the DS9 episode Empok Nor. Each also appears to be a reference to the horror, or sci-fi horror genre. Similarly, the accolade for discovering Williams' body ("Game over, man!") is a quote from the movie Aliens.
  • After everyone warps out, the screen fades to black and the words 'To Be Continued...' are shown.

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