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Faction Romulan Republic.png The Best Defense
EP - The Best Defense.png
Given by:
Admiral Kererek
Preceded by:
“Last Stand”
Followed by:
Story Arc:
May 21, 2013
5950 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:
Plus one of the following:

Mission Text[]

We've been tracking the Elachi attack fleets throughout the quadrant and the location of their next invasion is the Rhi System!

We have a chance to get ahead of them this time, rather than just cleaning up the mess and counting the missing. Get there immediately and put a stop to their assault.


You must own a shuttlecraft or fighter to complete this mission.
Defend a colony in the Rhi system, which is in the Beta Quadrant.


Parts of the colony on Rhi III

  • A Good Offense
    • Go to Rhi System
    • Save Escaping Romulan Shuttles
    • Take Shuttle to Surface
  • A Stronger Defense
    • Coordinate Defenses with the Romulan City
    • Protect the Romulan City (0/4)
    • Wave 01
    • Wave 02
    • Wave 03
    • Wave 04
    • Leave System
  • Return to Admiral Kererek


Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Atmospheric icon.png Atmospheric Fly through a cave located near the city 10


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing will be reduced. Items scale to a player appropriate level (Scaling Rewards), as followed:

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
28–29 Subcommander VI
30–39 Commander 1743 1878 VIII
40–49 Subadmiral I & II 1935 1856 X
50 Vice Admiral 2126 1856 XI


  • This mission is almost identical to the “Rhi Atmosphere Event” PvE, the only difference being that this is the single-player version and limited to Romulan Republic players only, whereas Rhi Atmosphere Event allows Starfleet and KDF players to participate. It also allows non-Romulan players to earn the "Atmospheric" accolade available in this mission.
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