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Faction Khitomer.png The Khitomer Discord
EP - The Khitomer Discord.png
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30 June 2020
14325 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

The Khitomer Discord continues the events of the Klingon Civil War, begun in “The Centre Cannot Hold”, with J'Ula being tracked to Khitomer.


Mission text[]

It appears the hunt for J'Ula may come to an end soon. Our latest intel indicates that she's operating out off four key sectors... including Khitomer.

I've dispatched operatives to three of those sectors, but I want you to check out Khitomer personally. I'm sending General Martok with you. If she's there, I want the Alliance's best to take her down and bring an end to this civil war.

Do your best to take her alive, but if she forces your hand, give her the traitor's death she deserves.


Go to the Khitomer System, in the Beta Quadrant, and arrest the terrorist J'Ula



NPC starships[]



Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Brute Force over Brute Force icon.png Brute Force over Brute Force Choose to guess the 3-digit password instead of threatening violence and dishonor in The Khitomer Discord. Choose to guess the 3-digit password instead of threatening violence and dishonor 50
Leading by Example icon.png Leading by Example Rescue all survivors from the Mycelial Rift in The Khitomer Discord. Rescue all survivors, including Jiro Sugihara, during the final ground portion of the mission.
Enemy of the Empire icon.png Enemy of the Empire Your role in the Klingon Civil War has been decided for you. Complete the episode 5
You've Done This Before icon.png You've Done This Before Find all three Signal Boosters on your first tries in The Khitomer Discord. Find all three Signal Boosters on your first tries 10


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Ground segment
  • Each faction representative (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Dominion) will give more info to their player depending on their allegiance.
    • Delvah is more willing to provide additional information to Jem'Hadar characters, and comments he was not aware Jem'Hadar could be clandestine. To other factions, he is more concerned about the aesthetics of Khitomer and dismissive of any claims that J'Ula would be operating out of Khitomer.
    • D'vennae is more willing to provide additional information to Romulan Republic characters, to other factions he relays a story about his grandfather's falsified story of a defeat at the hands of James T. Kirk.
    • Garku is more willing to provide additional information to Klingon characters, to other factions he dismisses rumors about J'Ula operating on Khitomer and identifies them as mere gossip.
    • N'orra is more willing to provide additional information to Starfleet characters, to other factions she simply states that she has 'no comment' regarding J'Ula operating on Khitomer.
  • The Well Fed Caitian diplomat previously appeared in a cutscene in “Quark's Lucky Seven”.
  • At some point, a Klingon warrior expresses disdain for human opera, except "the one with a clown", probably talking about Pagliacci, by Ruggero Leoncavallo.
  • A Romulan and a Reman can be heard discussing a drink combining Romulan Ale and Klingon Blood Wine in a drink called a "Purple People Dropper" which no Human can take and still stay standing. It is possible that it is a reference to the marijuana strain "Purple Panty Dropper".
  • Regarding the Signal Boosters, they can be found in the following locations:
    • Hall of Heroes - Near Chairman Ksennata, check the pyre (when directly facing him after entering the room, go to the left one)
    • Chamber of Alliance - Near Ambassador Garku, behind the console closest to the north wall/benches
    • Gallery of Honor - At the NW railway corner, situated 'between' a group of three Klingons and a bench.
  • Aakar's line "Experience Bij" is a reference to Robert O'Reilly's other role as Kavok in the board game Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Klingon Challenge.
  • Each of the NPCs the player rescues during the final ground segment will award the player 50Refined dilithium icon.png each.
    • Whether Jiro Sugihara is consumed by the Mycelial wave is entirely down to whether the player saves them. It is unknown what the implication of this is for the character's future appearances.
  • The music playing as the player retreats to the transporter pad is from the original score for The Doomsday Machine by Sol Kaplan.
  • For Klingon Recruit players, an additional cutscene is played right after Adet'pa beams down, revealing herself as the mysterious identity who contacted them onboard the Tutorial Starship.
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