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Faction Khitomer.png The Lost City of Paradise
The Lost City of Paradise.png
Given by:
Horace Jones
Story Arc:
May 21, 2013
5950 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

In The Lost City of Paradise, the player keeps investigating reports of thalaron weapon triggers on Nimbus III.


You'll need to gain the trust of the townsfolk to begin unraveling the mystery of Nimbus.


Horace Jones directs you to the local bar and a Liberated Borg named Two of Eight, who tells you that operatives sent to Nimbus previously went missing in the desert outside of town. With few clues, you head out looking for traces of your missing allies, only to discover that the sands of Nimbus are the home of dangerous animals - not all of whom walk on two legs. Surviving the scorpion-infested sands and returning to Paradise City, a confrontation with Two of Eight leads to a Romulan called "Law", a former Peacekeeper who the Orion Syndicate made an example of to the people of Nimbus. After convincing Law to help you, you make your way out to the old ruins north of Paradise, now home only to Aehallh Worms, but once the site of a Nausicaan mercenary camp, to gather information. The only intact information, however is a mysterious message...


Mission Text[]

Funny seeing you folks here. No one seems to bat an eye about our little planet until the Orions get their hands on something nasty. Now between that and the Romulans, this joint is jumpin'!

You want info? Sure, I'll give you info. The owner of the local bar, a reformed Borg by the name of Two of Eight, has his ear close to the ground.

He can tell you more about the Tal Shiar. Just don't tell too many people I told you, alright?


Speak with Two of Eight in the bar on Nimbus III and uncover information about missing thalaron triggers.


  • Find Leads on Thalaron Weapons
    • Talk to the Bar Owner, Two of Eight
    • Locate Missing Officers
    • Desert Ambush
      • Investigate Weapon Remains (0/5)
      • Fend Off Nearby Scorpions (0/20)
    • Recover Groups of Downed Officers (0/2)
    • Confront Two of Eight
  • Track Down Information on the Triggers
    • Go to Law's House
    • Talk to Law with the Console by his House
    • Scan Old Consoles of Defeat Sandworms to Recover Nausicaan Information (0%)
    • Use the Computer at the Bar to Decipher the Information
  • Return to Horace Jones



There are no accolades specific to this mission.


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards (Skill Points and Expertise) for completing will be reduced.

Level Rank SP Exp Mark <>
21–29 Faction FED25.png Commander 1552 1338 VI
21–29 Faction KDF.png Commander 776 669 VI
21–29 Faction Romulan Republic.png Subcommander 1086 937 VI
30–39 Faction FED25.pngFaction KDF.png Captain
Faction Romulan Republic.png Commander
776 669 VIII
40–49 Faction FED25.png Rear Admiral
Faction KDF.png Brig. & Maj. General
Faction Romulan Republic.png Subadmiral
776 669 X
50 Faction FED25.png Faction Romulan Republic.png Vice Admiral 776 669 XI


  • KDF players are not level limited.
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Mission available Side Content: The Galaxy at Large
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