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Faction Cross-faction The Measure of Morality (Part 1)
EP - The Measure of Morality (Part 1)
Given by:
Seven of Nine
Preceded by:
“Ruins of Doom”
Story Arc:
J'Ula's Discovery
28 January 2020
14325 Expertise icon
You will receive the following reward:

The Measure of Morality (Part 1) is the first in a two-part mission celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary Event of Star Trek Online and includes retrospectives of the game's past episodes as well as tie-ins to Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard and the wider franchise. It takes heavy inspiration from the Original Series episode The Savage Curtain.

Outline[ | ]

Mission text[ | ]

The long-range sensor arrays in the Traelus System went offline recently. The last thing they picked up before that happened was a Borg scout ship. I'm heading to Traelus now to investigate. If this is the beginning of a new Borg incursion, I could use some backup. Meet me there as soon as you can.

Goal[ | ]

Go to the Traelus System, in the Beta Quadrant, and investigate the anomaly.

Objectives[ | ]

  • The Anomaly
    • Go To Traelus System
    • Incoming Hail
    • Beam Over Seven
    • Perform Satellite Updates
    • Status Report
    • Move Closer and Boost Comms Signal
    • Answer Hail
    • Beam Down
  • Curtain Fire
    • Find Out What's Going On
      • Speak to the Excalbian
      • Speak to the Other Participants[sic]
      • Pass Through the Portal
    • Situation Report
    • Check the Plaza
    • Examine a Body
    • Explore the Plaza
    • Defend Yourself
    • Destroy Force Field Emitter
    • Explore the Next Plaza
      • Continue to the Next Plaza
      • Aid the Reman Resistance
      • Talk to the Reman Leader
      • Talk to Your Team
      • Find and Destroy the Force Field Generator
    • Continue Exploring
      • Continue to the Next Plaza
      • Fight Entrenched Forces
      • Find and Destroy the Force Field Generator
      • Destroy the Next Force Field Generator
        • Defeat Ambush
    • Find and Defeat Hakeev
      • Defeat Remaining Enemies
    • Pursue Hakeev OR Save Obisek
    • Complete the Trial
      • Talk to Abraham Lincoln
      • Return to Yarnek
    • Talk to the Excalbian
  • Curtain Time
    • The Second Trial
      • Speak with Yarnek
      • Follow Abraham Lincoln
    • Determine your Location
      • Speak with your Allies
      • Reach the Bridge
      • Defeat the Bridge Crew (0/2)
      • Read the Computer Logs
      • Speak with your Allies
    • Find the Temporal Liberation Front Leaders
      • Turbolift to the Temporal Core
      • Enter the Temporal Core
        • Defeat Admiral Leeta
      • Defeat Krog
      • Defeat Ajur and Boratus
      • Confront Noye
    • Protect the Timeline
      • Defeat Noye
      • Speak to the Female Changeling
      • Speak with your Allies
        • Trigger a Temporal Spike / Start the Self Destruct
        • Stop the Female Changeling / Speak with the Female Changeling Again
    • Trial Complete
      • Speak with Abraham Lincoln
      • Follow Abraham Lincoln
    • Speak with Yarnek
  • Behind the Curtain
    • The Third Trial
      • Speak with Yarnek
      • Follow Abraham Lincoln
    • Determine your Location
      • Speak with your Allies
      • Check Consoles (0/2)
      • Speak with Michael Burnham
      • Open Containment Doors
      • Enter the Main Chamber
    • Trap the Red Angel
      • Set Phase Discriminators
      • Prepare Stasis Beams
      • Prime EMP
      • Align Containment Field
      • Speak with Michael Burnham
      • Return to the Control Room
      • Shut the Doors and Disable the Vents
    • Assist the Red Angel
      • Talk to the Red Angel
      • Begin Sphere Data Transfer
      • Defeat Control
      • Speak with your Allies
        • Check on the Red Angel
    • Trial Complete
      • Speak with Abraham Lincoln
      • Follow Abraham Lincoln
    • Speak with Yarnek
    • Speak with Abraham Lincoln

NPCs[ | ]

Allies[ | ]

Beast[ | ]

Civilian[ | ]

Dominion[ | ]

Federation[ | ]

Krenim[ | ]

Reman[ | ]

Romulan Republic[ | ]

NPC starships[ | ]

Allies[ | ]

Federation[ | ]

  • Critter Rank 1 icon U.S.S. Crow River

Accolades[ | ]

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
A Good Day to Rectify icon A Good Day to Rectify Show that your belief of "Good" aligns primarily with the Klingon Empire in Measure of Morality (Part 1) Choose to pursue Hakeev, leave Noye dead, destroy the Sphere Data. 10
Prime Selective icon Prime Selective Show that your belief of "Good" aligns primarily with the Federation in Measure of Morality (Part 1) Choose to save Obisek, Noye, and the Sphere Data. 10
The Best Onfence icon The Best Onfence Show that your belief of "Good" aligns primarily with neither the Federation nor the Klingon Empire in Measure of Morality (Part 1) Make any combination of choices other than the two listed above. 10


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Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • From launch, the mission rewarded [Assault Squad Phaser Rifle Mk XII [CrtH]x3]. On 6 February 2020 this reward was swapped out for Seven's Tetryon Rifles.
  • In the “Cutting the Cord” simulacrum, the Iconians have come to Hakeev's aid earlier and are aiding the Tal Shiar in open combat against the Reman Resistance.
    • If Obisek is saved, Hakeev convinces the Iconians to follow a scorched earth policy, leading to a far more bloody war.
    • If Obisek is sacrificed, unification between Remans and Romulans fail. The Romulan Republic is never formed and the two species engage in a civil war.
  • Noye's logs in the “Ragnarok” simulacrum reveal that Noye killed Picard and Vash on Risa, obtaining the Tox Uthat. With it, the Na'kuhl sun was restored. Krog desired to use the device against Alliance worlds, tempered only by Noye's desire to use it at Procyon V first. His logs also reveal that the Temporal Liberation Front is fractured, yet unlike in the normal timeline which saw the defeat of several members before Procyon V, all members of it are still fighting during the battle. The strength of the TLF at this point led to the intervention of the Female Changeling.
    • If Noye's life is spared, and the Female Changeling killed, he is impressed by your actions in his defence and agrees to stand down. He hopes the alliance will act to try and restore the Tuterians. However the loss of the Female Changeling would eventually lead to the early fall of the Dominion during the Gamma Quadrant arc leading to the Hur'q rapidly overrunning the rest of the galaxy.
    • If the Annorax is destroyed, the TLF will see him as a martyr and use the Tox Utat against every alliance world.
  • In The Red Angel simulacrum, Control caught up with Discovery and the ship was destroyed. Burnham took on the role of the Red Angel while Control reanimated the Discovery's crew (including a still-living Lorca and Landry).
    • If Burnham is inoculated, the data is saved but she will no longer be able to use the suit and thus cannot move the data into the future. Control remains a threat.
    • If the data is destroyed, Burnham is killed and Control continues to exist.
  • The stardate provided at the beginning of the episode, stardate 84999.22, would place this mission in late 2407, and is likely an error, as the opening cutscene has a subtitle that explicitly says it takes place in 2411.

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