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Faction Khitomer.png The Ninth Rule
EP - The Ninth Rule.png
Cooldown Timer:
Followed by:
“Ruins of Doom”
Story Arc:
J'Ula's Discovery
September 10, 2019
You will receive the following reward:

In The Ninth Rule, the player must deal with mercenaries working for the Ferengi Daimon Madran, as he steals mycelial spores from the Kinjer System to sell on the open market to the highest bidder.

Mission text[]

There's a Starfleet distress signal coming from the Kinjer system. The U.S.S. Birmingham was investigating pirate activity in the area while on patrol.

There's a large concentration of spore colonies in that system. If pirates are in the spore business now, we have a new problem to deal with. We'd better see what's going on there.

Pirates. It's Harry Mudd all over again...


Complete the Briar Patch patrol by going to the Briar Patch or using the patrol launcher to start "Within the Briars".


  • The Ninth Rule
    • Talk to Stamets
    • Deal with Ferengi Marauder
      • Go to the Ferengi's Location
      • Speak with the Ferengi Daimon
      • Defeat the Attacking Vessels
      • Defeat Enemy Reinforcements
      • Speak with Stamets
    • Pursue Madran
      • Go to Madran's Position
      • Talk to Madran
      • Battle the Ambushers
      • Answer Hail from Madran
    • Return Madran to your Allies
      • Engage Tractor Beam on Madran's Ship
      • Tow Madran's Vessel to your Allies
      • Answer Hail
      • Defend Madran from Enemy Vessels
      • Defeat Enemy Stragglers
  • Depart System




  • Admiral Kebret


NPC starships[]


  • Critter Rank 1 icon.png Madran's Majesty
  • See below for list of Factions encountered in this Patrol.

Out of all the Mycelial Operations, The Ninth Rule is the most random of the five released with Season Eighteen: Awakening. Two random sets of enemy mercenaries can attack the player at any time. It is possible for only one enemy faction to spawn twice in one playthrough of the patrol. The lists of mobs are as follows:


While under tractor tow by the player, Madran will also attempt to "bribe" the player with several different exotic items:

  • "How about a baseball signed by the Caitian Claws?"
  • "I have a tunic worn by James T. Kirk - mint condition, no rips!"
  • "I know where the Bajoran Orb of Acquisition is... partner."
  • "I'll add a cask of pre-supernova Imperial Romulan Ale!"
  • "I'll tell you where the Deltan Crown Jewels are hidden!"
  • "I'll throw in.. the legendary Tox Uthat. Do we have a deal...?"
  • "The Lost Episode of Captain Proton. It's yours."
  • "Tholian Queen Honey... one spoonful grants immortality."
  • "Three words: Gorn Championship Wrestling."
  • "Would you let me go for the REAL Sword of Kahless?"

Stamets also has different quips for some factions the player encounters in the patrol:

  • Breen:
    • "I don't know how he convinced the Breen to join in, but he did."
    • "Breen diplomacy, at it's [sic] finest."
  • Fek'Ihri:
    • "He actually hired the Fek'Ihri? He's either the bravest Ferengi ever, or the craziest..."
    • "Did the Fek'Ihri captain sound cheerful there? I heard some cheer, between the snarls."
  • Gorn:
    • "These Gorn must be desperate if they're working for a Ferengi."
    • "I won't tell the Gorn we have the spores if you don't."
  • Hirogen:
    • "Madran got the Hirogen to come all the way out here? I'm almost impressed."
    • "Does anyone ever *want* to be hunted by Hirogen? I'm curious."
  • Nausicaan:
    • "And now the Nausicaans are here. Beginning to think we might be cursed."
    • "Betrayed by the Nausicaans. You had to know that was coming, Madran."
  • Orion:
    • "Orions and Ferengi, working together? Yeah, this'll end well..."
    • "I expected more "pirate" from an Orion captain. I'm disappointed."

Most of the enemy mobs have multiple combat quips as well:

  • Breen:
    • "If the Ferengi runs again, kill him too."
    • "Just walk away, and there'll be an end to the horror. Walk away... while you can."
    • "There will be no deal. We want the spores. Now."
  • Fek'Ihri:
    • "Violence! Glorious, chaotic, violence! Savor it, my brethren! Revel in it!"
    • "You have what I want, Ferengi. Give me the spores or you'll die screaming."
    • "More idiots to kill, more ships to loot and destroy. Glorious!"
  • Gorn:
    • "This doesn't concern you. Find something better to do... somewhere else."
    • "The spores, Madran. Hand them over and we'll let you live."
    • "When I'm done here, I'll feed your corpses to my hatchlings!"
  • Hirogen:
    • "Let the Ferengi run. We will deal with this prey!"
    • "Unless you want to be our next hunt, you'll beam over those spores."
    • "Try to make this interesting, prey. Prove you're worth the hunt!"
  • Nausicaan:
    • "This fight might even be interesting... for a few seconds, anyway."
    • "Deal's changed, Ferengi. Those spores will be ours now!"
    • "You're in my way. Get lost or die... your choice."
  • Orion:
    • "Typical Ferengi, leaving the dirty work for us. Add it to his bill."
    • "Cutting out the middleman here, Madran. Give us the spores."
    • "Why are you defending that Ferengi worm? He's not worth dying for!"


  • This system patrol mission pairs with the repeatable wrapper mission also named "The Ninth Rule".
  • With the release of Season 18, this patrol has replaced the Federation-exclusive “Kinjer System Patrol”.


  • The Breen "Just walk away" dialogue is identical to the dialogue of the character Lord Humungus from the film Mad Max 2, a similar character to the Breen in that he is heavily built and you never see him without his headgear.
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