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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
Faction Starfleet.png Price of Liberty
Preceded by:
“Khitomer Crisis”
Story Arc:
Tour of Duty
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In The Price of Liberty the player assumes command over the ship and assists in rescue and repair operations in the Vega System. After fighting a way through the Borg armada, the ship finally reaches Vega Colony which is under attack by the Borg.


All senior officers aboard the player's ship have been killed by a Borg attack. Shields, weapons and long-range sensors are inoperative. As the remaining senior officer, the player assumes command. The hospital ship U.S.S. Seacole is coordinating rescue efforts in the aftermath of the attack. Captain Alcott asks for assistance in rescuing survivors from Federation starships.

After beaming the rescued survivors to the Seacole, the ship receives a hail from the U.S.S. Renown. Captain Vo'Lok explains that the Renown itself is disabled, but is offering to repair the player's ship shields and weapon systems, so at least one more starship can join the battle. After the repairs have been completed, Vo'Lok sends the player to destroy some damaged Probes in a nearby area before they can regenerate.

The Borg Probes have not yet been able to restore weapons or shields and are easily destroyed. In the mean time, the crew manages to repair long-range sensors, which detect a far less damaged Borg armada in orbit of Vega IX. The ship warps to Vega to intercept.

There, the Borg have regenerated and outnumber the defending Federation starships. The player fights through the fleet and comes into transporter range of Vega Colony. Commander Kelly is reporting, that the Borg have beamed down to the surface and are capturing colonists. The Collective is also building devices of unknown purpose and design guarding them with force fields. He orders the player to beam down with an away team to help defend the colony.


Mission text[]

<shipname>, this is Captain Alcott of the U.S.S. Seacole.

Good to see you still have engines! We are conducting search and rescue operations here, and we could use some help. We're still getting lifesigns from four other ships, bur our transporters are down.

We'll be waiting for you to bring the survivors to us on the Seacole. We're on the side of the asteroid nearest the planet, by the green navigation beacon.

Our shuttlecraft are doing their best, but your ship's larger transport capacity could make the rescue efforts go much faster.


Get close enough to each ship to beam survivors off, and then take them to the U.S.S. Seacole.





NPC ships[]




There are no accolades specific to this mission.


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.


  • Replaced by new tutorial missions in Season Eight: The Sphere and removed from game on November 12, 2013. As such the information on this page is outdated.


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