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'INTRODUCTION The Klingons have been stealing medical supplies. You must meet with Chirugeon Ghee P'Trell because he might be able to determine what the supplies are for.

Korvat Medical Research Lab STATIC TRANSMISSION Upon entering the Korvat system you will be unable to contact the facility. There will also be Gorn patrols around the planet which you will need to destroy. After that you can beam down to the station.

Once you beam down you will need to secure the station and locate P'Trell. Move through the station defeating the Gorn and Klingons that you come across. In the final room you will find the Klingon Captain Tchev, who you must defeat, and P'Trell who must talk to. After speaking with him you can beam out.

A Klingon ship will decloak which you will need to disable by firing on it. After you have done that you can scan its computer core. It will then attack you and you can destroy it. You must now depart and go to the H'atoria system where the Klingons were supposed to deliver the medical supplies. H'atoria

A GOOD DAY TO HIDE When you enter the H'atoria system there will be Klingon ships patrolling. You can avoid fighting with them if you stay within the nebula and head to the planet. You can tell that you are inside the nebula because there will be an electrical animation on your nacelles. I suggest flying straight ahead.

You'll eventually reach the beam down point. On the planet's surface you'll need to locate the research lab by traveling through the map. You'll encounter a lot of Klingons along the way and you'll most likely have to defeat all of them. Following the path will bring you to the research lab. After you have cleared the area around the lab you'll be able to enter it.

LAB OF MYSTERY Klingon Research Lab When inside the lab you'll detect unusual life signs. You'll need to access two computer stations to find more information. The first console is right outside the room where you beam into. The other is down the hall. After you've accessed both you'll need to speak with Amar Singh who has been experimenting with augment DNA. He is in the next room. You'll need to deactivate the security forcefield protecting the door.

Enter the room and go to the top of the platform where Amar Singh is located. Speak with him about his experiments. He'll try to stop you by releasing two augment experiments to attack you, and escape to the room directly above the one you are in. Defeat the two creatures then use the console to the next room to drop the security shields. Arrest Amar Singh and beam out.

Congratulations! Mission Complete. Contact Admiral Quinn.

REWARDS Skill Points Bridge Officer Skill Points One of the following

   Diburnium Reinforced Body Armor Mk III
   Personal Repulsion Shield Mk III