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Faction FEDKDF.png Tour the Galaxy / Targak's Challenge
Given by:
Jay Yim
Cooldown Timer:
December 1, 2011
You will receive the following reward:

Tour the Galaxy / Targak's Challenge is a daily mission in which you are charged to explore every Sector Block in the game.


Starting and ending at Earth / Qo'noS the player must race across the Galaxy to earn rewards! The player earns, EC, Exploration, Trade, Recruitment and Development XP from traveling the Galaxy in under 15 minutes.

Mission text[]


Starfleet has a proud history of getting the most out of our ships and crew. Friendly contests give our best an opportunity to distinguish themselves. Are you up for an Officer's Challenge?

A captain must master navigation and teamwork to explore the stars. Are you ready to test your mettle against the best in Starfleet?

For each Sector Block you visit, you will be rewarded. Tour them all and you'll get a bonus!


Targak's Challenge You think you have the guramba to finish one of my challenges? Fine. I'll put you to the test. Nausicaan raiders must be as swift as a winter wind. We hone our skills with races -- the fastest ships earn the most glory. My ship, the famed and feared Kassak, is the fastest ship in the quadrant. No one can defeat her! In honor of my many victories, I will grant you this test. Lead your ship and crew across the stars. For each Sector Block you visit, you will be rewarded. Tour them all, and show me that you're not an Undari!



Klingon Empire[]


There are no accolades specific to this mission.
  • Travelling through eight sector blocks during the mission awards the Well Travelled space trait which reduces Transwarp cooldown by 20%.


For a walkthrough of this mission, visit the Walkthrough page.


  • Dropping the mission will trigger the 20h cooldown.
  • On January 30, 2014, this mission was revamped with the inclusion of the Tau Dewa Sector and its transition from a calendar event to a daily mission. [1]
  • Rewards are granted upon traversing all Sectors of a Sector Block. The entire mission is finished once all of the Sector Blocks have been visited.
  • You can start from any sector. The Sectors and Sector Blocks do not have to be visited in sequence.
  • Each visited sector block rewards 25,000 Energy credit icon.png, 35 exploration and 25 trade CXP (this scales with level, the route outlined and the EC reward is for a top tier player).
  • A bonus of 25,000 Energy credit icon.png, 35 exploration and 25 trade CXP is received when done visiting 3, 6, 9, 12 and finally all of the sector blocks, plus an additional 50 Exploration, 50 Trade, 40 Recruitment and 30 Development CXP for visiting all of them on top of the regular bonus.
  • If you are teamed the objectives will not be completed.
  • If a player participates early in his career on his first circuit of the Galaxy he'll earn the Accolades listed under Accolade Exploration.
Ground Risa Floater, Risa Powerboard, Run, Transporter Transwarp icon (Federation).png
Sub-light Full Impulse, Impulse Capacitance Cell, Impulse Engine (Impulse Engines), Impulse Expertise
Warp Quantum Slipstream Drive, Sector Space Travel Speed, Warp Core, Warp speed
Transwarp Borg Transwarp Hub, Transwarp, Transwarp Coil, Transwarp Conduit
Other Bajoran wormhole, Iconian gateway, Sector space, Spore drive, Teleport, “Tour the Galaxy”