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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. The mission has been removed as part of the Romulan Mystery revamp, released with the 5 Year Anniversary Event on January 29, 2015.


The player heads for the NGC 1218 to look for the U.S.S. Griffin, the last location the Griffin communicated with Starfleet over three days ago. Scanning debris in the area Klingon and Starfleet alloys are found in the area along with residual tachyon emissions from a Romulan disrupture. It is unknown if the Griffin was involved. The player was about to make a level one scan to make that determination, but was engaged by the Hirogen.

After defeating the Hirogen squadrons, the player conducts the level one scan and discovers debris of many different origins. The player also confirms that Griffin is among them. A scan for life forms is conducted and the crew of the Griffin is found on a Hirogen ship along with Klingon and Romulans.

The player beams on the Hirogen ship and finds the crew of the Griffin and the Klingon and Romulans being held captive. Captain Tarak of the Griffin tells the player that the controls for the cell is on the bridge. Tarak suggests disabling the ship's weapons and engines in order to lure the Hirogens off the bridge to investigate. The plan works and the player subdues the Hirogen bridge crew and opens the cell force fields. Captain Tarak informs the player that they learned that the Hirogen are using a power source to sustain the artificial wormhole. He request the player to help destroy that power source.

The player beams back on the ship and travels further into the worm hole looking for the power source. The play engages the power source after defeating the Hirogen squadron that was guarding it. Then the player transfers power to the Griffin helping them escape the collapsing wormhole. Yet, the Klingons believe it is a Federation trap and attempt to take down the Griffin. Without any defenses, the Klingons are easily subdued and the Federation ships escape.


Mission Text[]

<rank>, we've lost contact with a survey vessel in NGC 1218. There have been no communications from the U.S.S. Griffin for 3.2 days.

You have experience in Romulan space, and i am sure you will be able to encounter anything you find without excessive difficulty. Therefore, you are the logical choice to send to NGC 1218 to look for the missing vessel.

Your priority is to rescue any survivors. If you can recover the ship as well, do so.


Search NGC 1218 for the U.S.S Griffin. NGC 1218 is located in the Bolarus Sector of the Iota Povanis[sic] Sector Block.


  • Smoke Signals
    • Go To NGC 1218
    • Scan Debris Fields (0/3)
    • Answer Hirogen Call
  • Pocket Dimension
    • Go To NGC 1218 Anomaly
    • Defeat Hirogen Squadrons (0/2)
    • Scan Ships for Signs of Life
    • Beam Aboard Hirogen ship
  • Search and Rescue
    • Go To NGC 1218 - Hirogen Ship
    • Locate Starfleet Crewmen
    • Open the Bridge Bulkhead Door
      • Sabotage the Weapons System
      • Disable the Engines
    • Defeat Hirogen Bridge Crew
    • Open the Holding Cells
    • Speak to Captain Tarak
    • Beam to Ship
  • Tow Hold
    • Go To NGC 1218 Anomaly
    • Destroy Hirogen Wormhole Projector
    • Transfer Power to the U.S.S. Griffin
    • Escape the Collapsing Wormhole
  • Freedom
    • Check on the U.S.S. Griffin
    • Return to Sector Space
  • Report to Starfleet




NPC starships[]




There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


  • The pocket dimension may open up before the Hirogen hail can be answered, preventing continuation of the mission.
  • Should you become stuck, join a PvE quene, and when it is over, leave the map. It should put you in sector space out side the system.
  • It may be possible to avoid getting stuck by scanning the debris fields in reverse order. Start with the one farthest from your spawn point rather than beginning with the one closest.
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