Mission: Trial by Fire

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Faction DSC.png Trial by Fire
Trial by Fire.png
Followed by:
“The Shadow Knows”
Story Arc:
October 9, 2018
720 Expertise icon.png
You will receive the following reward:

Trial by Fire is part of the Tutorial mission for DSC Starfleet characters.

Outline[edit | edit source]

Mission text[edit | edit source]

After one of the rougher training cruises in Starfleet history, you, Savea, and Tilly have finally retaken command of the <<shipname>>.

Stranded in deep space, your crippled ship can't send a distress call or even go to warp. Until those problems are remedied, you and your crew of academy cadets are under constant threat of further Klingon attacks.

Goal[edit | edit source]

Command the <<shipname>>.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to your First Officer
  • Move the Ship Forward
  • Scan the Fortuna
  • Beam Parts to Freighter
  • Talk to First Officer
  • Scan Area for Parts
  • Scavenging
    • Test Ship Weaponry on Debris (_/3)
    • Recover Plasma Injectors (_/3)
  • Talk to Crew
  • Destroy Jamming Satellites (_/3)
  • Send Distress Signal
  • Talk to Crew
  • Full Impulse to Suspect Point
  • Defeat Ambush
  • Pursue Captain J'Ula
  • Defeat Two Raiders
  • Answer Hail
  • Rendezvous with the Sebrova
  • Defeat the I.K.S. Lukara
  • Talk to Captain Shran

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Klingon Empire[edit | edit source]

NPC starships[edit | edit source]

Accolades[edit source]

There are no accolades specific to this mission.
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