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Faction Dominion.png Turn the Tide
EP-Turn the Tide.png
Preceded by:
Story Arc:
Engineered for War
5 June 2018
You will receive the following reward:

In Turn the Tide, the player join's Odo's fleet as they come to the aid of the Alliance as the Hur'q attack Bajor.


The player joins the Dominion fleet in the Idran System. Weyoun identifies that Idran Swarmers, attacked by Broken Freighters, are in the way of the fleet. Weyoun and Loriss give the task to the player to clear away the swarmers and freighters. Once they are clear, the fleet proceeds through the Bajoran wormhole to Bajor.

On arrival, the Alliance fleet and the Tzenkethi are battling the Hur'q. The player is instructed to head straight to the Tzenkethi Battlestation where they must save Fleet Admiral Aarn Tzen-Tarrak. The player beams to the station and engages the Hur'q forces there. The Alliance officers guarding Tzen-Tarrak are willing to turn him over and the player escorts him to an escape shuttle.

Weyoun suggests destroying the battlestation is the best way to deal with the Hur'q onboard. The player heads to the protomatter torpedo room where Alliance forces are attempting to deactivate the protomatter. They agree to leave one warhead active which can be used to destroy the station. The player protects the engineers working on the warheads as the Hur'q attack.

With the destruction of the base, using the torpedo, the player returns to the space battle around Deep Space 9. After the battle is concluded, Loriss announces that they wish to place the player with the Alliance, and invites them to choose either the Federation or the Klingon Empire.


Mission text[]

A great enemy is at hand. We are already dead, but we may reclaim our lives in victory against them.


  • To the Other Side
    • Briefing Update
    • Advance through the Debris Field
      • Clear Out the Transports (0/5)
        • Destroy the Swarmers from the second nest
        • Destroy the Swarmers from the nest
      • Destroy the Swarmers
    • Go Through the Wormhole
  • First In
    • Answer Hail
    • Reach the Tzenkethi Starbase
    • Beam Down to Station
  • The Hur'q
    • Find Admiral Tzen-Tarrak
      • Use the Site-to-Site Transporter
      • Head to the Control Center
      • Defeat the Hur'q in the Control Center
      • Talk to the Klingon Commander
      • Clear the Control Center of Hur'q
      • Find Admiral Tzen-Tarrak
      • Escort Admiral Tzen-Tarrak to Safety
    • Go to the Armory and Blow Up the Starbase
      • Talk to the Federation Commander
      • Hail Loriss
      • Hold the Hur'q at bay for: 3:00
      • Clear Out Remaining Hur'q
      • Check in with Commander Marin
      • Arm the Last Torpedo
    • Return to Ship
  • Cavalry
    • Briefing
    • Save the Alliance
      • Save the Klingon Ships
      • Keep Fighting
      • Save the Federation Ships
      • Keep Fighting
      • Defeat the Dreadnought
    • Fight Alongside the Klingons or Starfleet
    • Answer Hail from Odo
    • (During Gamma Recruitment event only):
    • Depart System



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