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Faction Khitomer.png Vastam Peaks
New Romulus Vastam Peaks.png
Given by:
Preceded by:
“The Atlai”
Followed by:
“Mountain Base”
825 Expertise icon.png

In Vastam Peaks, the player helps Avran by doing a variety of tasks in the Vastam Peaks on New Romulus.


The player can complete this mission by doing any of the tasks outlined below. Once the progress meter reaches 100%, report back to Avran for your reward.


Mission text[]

Dratted bugs!

I don't know what's worse up here – being eaten alive by the vihranen or ambushed by the Tal Shiar!

Not everything about taming a new world is easy, <rank>. There are dangerous beasts up here in the peaks ... and some of them walk on two legs.

I need help from people as comfortable with a disruptor as they are with a tricorder. Are you up to the challenge?


You can complete this mission with a combination of any of the following tasks:

  • Investigate Strange Devices
  • Help Lost Citizens
  • Repel Insects
  • Collect and Turn In Geode, Crystal and Feldspar Samples to Romulan Geologists or Subcommander Avran.

If you need an Insect Repellant, take one from the crate next to Subcommander Avran.


  • Investigate Strange Devices, Help Lost Citizens, Repel Insects, Collect and Turn in Geological Samples (0%)





There are no accolades specific to this mission.


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.

Mission Progress Points[]

  • Investigate Strange Device grants 0%
    • Defeating the spawning Tal Shiar Operative grants 2%
  • Maintain Security (Defeat Tal Shiar) grants 2% per Romulan, no matter of his rank
  • Help Romulan Civilian grants 5%
  • Repel Insects grants 3%
  • Collect <Geological> Sample grants one of three samples:
    • [Geode Sample] (turn-in grants 1%)
    • [Crystal Sample] (turn-in grants 1%)
    • [Feldspar Sample] (turn-in grants 1%)
    • all three Samples turned in together grant 5%



  • Without aquiring the mission, the player won't be able to collect Rock Samples. All spare Rock Samples (except Resonating Rocks) are removed from the inventory, when the mission is turned in.
  • The Investigate Strange Device objective will spawn a Tal Shiar Operative that will attack the player. The device can't be triggered by players, who haven't aquired the mission.
  • The Maintain Security objective is not explicitly mentioned in the Vastam Peaks section. However defeating Tal Shiar Forces grants 2% per Romulan; defeating Dewan Arthropods on the other hand, gives no points toward the mission goal, only helping the attacked Romulan Civilian does.
  • Players passing through the section will be attacked by Tal Shiar and Dewan Arthropods, no matter if they have aquired the mission, or not.
  • [Glowing Plant]s, [Resonating Rock]s and [Radiation Report]s (mini-game) can be found in this section, but they do not count towards the mission goal. However, the present Romulan Rock Analyst will exchange 10 Resonating Rocks for 1 Romulan Mark.
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