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Mission Text[]

<Rank>. There's been a temporal disturbance in the 27th century. It's happening in the Lirss System; Vorgon mercenaries are targeting a scientist named Kal Dano.

This is big. We must keep Dano and his research out of Vorgon hands. I've transmitted the temporal coordinates; meet me there.


Travel to the Lirss system in the Beta Quadrant.


  • Just Another Daystrom
    • Go to Lirss System [Future]
    • Assess the Situation
      • Check with your Bridge Officers
      • Briefing with Daniels
      • Get Into Scanning Range of the Vorgon Ship
      • Scan the Vorgon Ship
      • Review Scan Results
    • Prevent a Paradox
      • Speak with Daniels
      • Move into Transporter Range of the Planet
      • Beam Daniels Down
      • Overwatch
        • Talk to Tactical Officer
        • Defeat the Vorgon Ship
      • Answer Hail
      • Beam Daniels And Kal Dano Up
      • Defeat the Vorgon Reinforcements
      • Answer Daniels
    • Cover Kal Dano's Escape
      • Launch the Timeship
      • Protect Kal Dano
      • Answer Hail
      • Follow the Vorgon Temporal Signature
  • Second Contact
    • Deal with the Arbarel
      • Speak with your Crew
      • Check in with Daniels
      • Approach the VSV Arbarel
      • Hail the Arbarel
      • Defeat the Arbarel
      • Confirm Tactical Report
      • Defeat the Vorgon Reinforcements
    • Answer Hail from the Tholians
    • Defeat the Vorgons and the Tholians
    • Follow the Vorgon Signature
  • A Cold Welcome
    • Status Update
    • Engage the Breen Forces (0/3)
    • Defeat the Breen Battleship
    • Beam Down to Starfleet Research Facility
  • To Seek the Tox Uthat
    • Find the Tox Uthat
    • Infiltrate Starfleet HQ
      • Tactical Report
      • Explore the Facility
      • Defeat the Breen Shocktroops
    • Advance to Research Areas
      • Talk to the Researcher
      • Save the Scientists
      • Speak with the Lead Researcher
      • Check the Door
      • Speak with the Lead Researcher Williams
      • Advance to Secondary Access Point
      • Defeat the Breen Shocktroops
      • Bypass Vault Door Security
    • Explore the High Security Vault
    • Enter the Vault
    • Defeat Ajur and Boratus
    • Check on Daniels
    • Check the Main Terminal to Find the Tox Uthat
    • Find the Tox Uthat in the Vault
    • Beam Up to Ship
  • Hail Temporal Agent Daniels


NPC starships[]




Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Newsie icon.png Belongs in a Museum Discover all the artifacts held by Starfleet HQ When searching the vault for Tox Uthat, discover the three artifacts that are not Tox Uthat, then beam out to end the mission. Resume the mission, and keep repeating until you have discovered all 25 artifacts. 25
Newsie icon.png Newsie Read all the news updates during the Breen Invasion of Earth After beaming to the Starfleet Research Facility on Earth, read all five news reports: The first is on the desk in the first room where you encounter Breen. The second is next to the lead researcher in the second room where you encounter Breen. The third is in the far left corner of the third room where you encounter Breen. The fourth is on the main terminal of the vault after you have defeated Ajur and Boratus. The fifth is also on the main terminal of the vault, but only after you have found the Tox Uthat. 10


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.

Mission Replay[]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay.


  • Daniels will warn you about approaching the Enterprise if you start getting too close.
  • You need to pick up the Tox Uthat, before you can read the last news update.
  • According to the accolade for this mission, there are 25 artifacts in Starfleet HQ.
  • You will need to replay the last part of the mission multiple times to discover all the artifacts.
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