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Faction Khitomer.png Winter Invasion
Given by:
PvE Queue
Cooldown Timer:
December 5, 2013
You will receive the following reward:

Mission: Winter Invasion is a 5-player group event accessible via the PvE Queue while Q's Winter Wonderland is active.


Mission Text[]

Cold-hearted snowmen are attacking Gingerbread Colony! Team up to rescue Q's tasty colonists and recover their recipes.


The Gingerbread Colony

Earn a Mysterious Box of Cookies and Sweets for participating!
  • Repel the Snowmen.
  • Help injured gingerbread men.
  • Transport gingerbread councilmen to safety.


  • Read Mission Briefing and Gather Snowballs 1:00
  • Optional Objective: Find the Present
  • Repel Snowmen (0/10)
  • Defeat Snow Overlord
  • Beam Out



  • Mayor Truffles
  • Broken Gingerbread Man
  • Bakemeister Cinnamon
  • Foreman Nutmeg
  • Lieutenant Gumdrop
  • Gingerbread Colonist
  • Gingerbread Ensign
  • Gingerbread Lieutenant
  • Gingerbread Commander



Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Winter 2013 icon.png Abominable Behavior Defeat Yeti. Defeat the Yeti in the cave. 10
Winter 2013 icon.png Nibbler Collect 10 candies on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Winter 2013 icon.png Brought Enough for Everybody Collect 25 candies on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Winter 2013 icon.png Sweet-toothed Collect 50 candies on the Winter Invasion map. Awards title "Sweet-toothed" 10
Winter 2013 icon.png Gingerhelper Helped 10 gingerbread people. Help 10 gingerbread people on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Winter 2013 icon.png Gingerfriend Helped 25 gingerbread people. Help 25 gingerbread people on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Winter 2013 icon.png Gingerbuddy Helped 50 gingerbread people. Awards title "Gingerbro" Help 50 gingerbread people on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Winter 2013 icon.png Holiday Chef Create all of the holiday foods by completing recipe missions. Recipes are found in the present which is found in the Winter Invasion map. Turn the recipes in to the chef at Q's Winter Wonderland for missions. 20


There is no walkthrough for this mission, yet. You can help STOWiki by writing it here.


  • "Winter Invasion" is very similar to “Colony Invasion” in terms of map setup and mission goals.
  • Collecting Candy provides the collecting player with one of four possible Buffs (stackable).
  • There is an unmentioned additional optional Objective: Defeat the Yeti. The defeated Yeti will drop collectable Buffs, while the players will automatically earn additional Winter Commodities.
  • The [Mysterious Box of Cookies and Treats] will either contain more Winter Commodities, or occasionally either one [Frigid Lump of Coal], or one of six Rare non-combat Gingerbread pets.
  • This is the only possible map to obtain a Recipe for Neelix, required to produce one of sixteen Winter Consumables (Food & Drink items). The Recipe is not obtained automatically as mission reward, and needs to be collected by the player during each run from one of five possible locations on the map.

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