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Faction Khitomer.png Within the Briars
EP - Within The Briars.png
Cooldown Timer:
Followed by:
“The Ninth Rule”
Story Arc:
J'Ula's Discovery
September 10, 2019
You will receive the following reward:

In Within the Briars, the player must brave deadly pockets of Metreon Gas in the Briar Patch to protect spore colonies from the agents of House Mo'Kai.

Mission text[]

Starfleet's been reading a lot of Klingon ships operating near the Briar Patch. Normally, I wouldn't be too concerned, but there's a spore colony in there. If any of those Klingon ships belong to House Mo'Kai, then J'Ula might have a harvesting operation in there too.

Dangerous as it is, I think we need to go see what's going on inside the Briar Patch.


Complete the Briar Patch patrol by going to the Briar Patch or using the patrol launcher to start "Within the Briars".


  • Within The Briars
    • Speak With Stamets
    • Investigate Asteroid Alpha
      • Go to Asteroid Alpha
      • Scan Asteroid Alpha
      • Consult With Stamets
      • Neutralize Mo'Kai Tech at Alpha
      • Defeat Mo'Kai Ambushers
      • Speak With Stamets
    • Investigate Asteroid Beta
      • Go to Asteroid Beta
      • Defeat Mo'Kai Marauders
      • Neutralize Mo'Kai Tech at Beta
      • Talk To Stamets
    • Investigate Asteroid Gamma
      • Go to Asteroid Gamma
      • Defeat Attackers at Asteroid Gamma
      • Defeat Remaining Klingons
      • Neutralize Mo'Kai Tech at Gamma
  • Depart System

NPC starships[]


  • This system patrol mission pairs with the repeatable wrapper mission also named "Within The Briars".
Mycelial Operations (Level 10+)
“Sentinels (Donatu System Patrol)”“Rescue and Search (Kern System Patrol)”“Within The Briars (Briar Patch System Patrol)”“The Ninth Rule (Kinjer System Patrol)”“Ruins of Doom (Imaga System Patrol)”