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Mol'Rihan Tribble icon.png
Epic icon.png
Mol'Rihan Tribble
Epic Ground Device
Character Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+1 Romulan Mark (max once per hour)
Removes all existing Tribble Buffs.
+5 Plasma Resistance
+5 Disruptor Resistance
+2% Plasma Damage
+2% Disruptor Damage
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Mol'Rihan Tribble is a Tribble: a cute, round, furry creature that purrs when touched. It has a tranquilizing effect on most races.

In a misguided attempt to ease the transition of colonists on New Romulus, one local scientist attempted to cross breed the lovable and well-known Tribble with a species of fauna found among the Dewan ruins. Althought considered a failure by the scientist in question, the resulting genetic data is considered highly valuable to other leaders of New Romulus. Once per hour, petting this Tribble generates energy readings that can be traded in to progress your New Romulus Reputation.

This Tribble is Polygeminus grex Romulus.


Petting this sub-species of tribble will increase your resistance and damage output related to Plasma and Disruptor damage types. Once per hour, it will also generate 1 Romulan Mark. While this function is recharging, a countdown timer will appear on your equipped Tribble. It can still be used during this countdown, but will yield no additional marks until the timer is finished.

Can only be activated out of combat.

  • Targets Self
  • 1.25 sec activate
  • 6 sec recharge
  • +1 Romulan Mark (max once per hour)
  • Removes all existing tribble buffs.
  • +5 Plasma Resistance
  • +5 Disruptor Resistance
  • +2% Plasma Damage
  • +2% Disruptor Damage
(Resistance and damage buffs will last for one hour)


  • Mol'Rihan Tribble is one of the choice rewards from Uncommon Prize Token, found in the Phoenix Prize Pack.
  • This is a limited time reward. Players who logged on between 2 and 5 November 2012 and spent at least one hour on the Tribble Test Server testing content for the then upcoming Season Seven: New Romulus can claim this from the "Items" tab in the Zen Store (Zen small icon.png Store).

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