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Mudd's Fighter Pilot Choice Pack is a Zen Store choice bundle in Mudd's Market that released on November 22, 2022. It had a base cost of 29,500 Zen small icon but like all items in Mudd's Market could be discounted up to 50%.

Contents[ | ]

Buying this bundle will grant the player a choice pack of the following eight items:

As a bonus, buying any version of this pack will unlock Cross-Faction Flying for the entire account.

The player is able to claim three of the eight items above. For example, buying the bundle once would allow a player to claim three of the four available ship packs with one purchase, and any subsequent purchases would remove those ship packs above from the reward pool. Players would then be able to purchase this bundle more than once for the remaining ship pack and the other four items infinitely, and can claim three of a single item per purchase: for example, a player could purchase 30 Ultimate Tech Upgrades.

Selecting any of the starship packs among these prizes will grant you an Account-Wide Unlock allowing the applicable ship(s) to be claimed from the Ships Tab of Mudd's Market.

Mega bundle[ | ]

Mudd's Fighter Pilot Mega Bundle includes all eight items included in the standard choice pack at an increased base cost of 60,000 Zen small icon, but like all items in Mudd's Market could be discounted up to 50%.

Unlike the standard choice bundle, this mega bundle is a once-per-account purchase. When purchased, it will disappear from the Zen Store. Therefore, players who wish to buy both the Fighter Pilot Mega Bundle and the Fighter Pilot Choice Pack must purchase the mega bundle first. Any purchase of the choice pack will cause the mega bundle to disappear from the store.

After purchasing the mega bundle, players are still able to purchase the standard Fighter Pilot Choice Pack for more of the non-ship items.

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