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For the playable starships, see Multi-Mission Explorer.
Federation Multi-Mission Explorer
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Multi-Mission Explorers are a line of advanced Starfleet battleships. Though technically science vessels, they are capable of surviving -- and dealing -- damage on the same level as the Typhoon-class battleship.



Missions involved[]

Multi-Mission Explorer (Mob)s have a random chance of spawning in place of almost any Federation battleship NPC.

Vessels of the Class[]

Image Class Named Vessels
USS Vesta Screen.png Vesta-class U.S.S. Hypatia
U.S.S. Quirinal
U.S.S. Vesta (default)
USS Aventine ESD.png Aventine-class U.S.S. Aventine (default)
USS Rademaker ESD.png Rademaker-class U.S.S. Rademaker (default)


  • Depending on the class, these vessels will respectively be labeled Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer, Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer, and Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer for the Vesta, Aventine, and Rademaker-classes.
  • The Multi-Mission Explorer was added to the game in Season Eight: The Sphere.

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