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Na'kuhlNa'kuhl System
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Tzenketh Sector
Alpha Quadrant

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The Na'kuhl System is a system located in the Tzenketh Sector of the Alpha Quadrant and the home of the Na'kuhl civilization.

System description[]

The Na'Kuhl system is the home of a warp-capable, isolationist humanoid species. To date, the Na'Kuhl have rejected almost all diplomatic contacts, although they are rumored to have trade agreements with the Breen Confederacy.

The Na'Kuhl are notable for being one of a handful of species with iridium-based blood. Because of this, the Na'Kuhl are extremely light sensitive. Most of their cities are clustered in a region of Na'kuhl Prime that is in shadow for much of its solar cycle.

Missions involved[]

  • “Stormbound”: Using the Tox Uthat they previously stole from time traveling scientist Kal Dano, the Tholians stop all fusion in the central star of the Na'kuhl System. The Na'kuhl are infuriated but demand to deal with the catastrophe on their own.
  • “The Temporal Front”: After a failed attempt on President Okeg's life in 2410, the interrogation of Na'kuhl assassin Krog leads Captain Benjamin Walker and the player to the Na'kuhl system in the 29th century. They discover the remains of the Na'kuhl sun and Vosk's temporal facility. When confronted aboard the N.V. Destiny, Vosk and his followers flee through a temporal portal before they are captured, and the player must destroy the temporal facility before more Na'kuhl can travel through the portal.

Other involvement[]

  • "Back Channels": Lukari Administrator Kuumaarke has been granted temporary command of the U.S.S. Defiant and sent on a diplomatic mission to the Na'kuhl System to offer to help the Na'kuhl re-ignite their star. The Na'kuhl refuse her offer, and she retreats from the system in accordance to their demands; however, she then has her crew re-enter the system under cloak to scan the star. Unfortunately, the scans determine that the fusion within the star has been permanently disrupted, and cannot be restored without Kal Dano or the Tox Uthat.


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