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Romulan RepublicNadel
Military Rank:
Romulan Flotilla
Mission giver
Voiced by:
Lani Minella

Subcommander Nadel is a female Romulan officer and member of D'Tan's Romulan Republic. She was Commander Temer's aide at the Romulan Flotilla. During ROM “Turning Point” she took over command of the flotilla and the R.R.W. Deihu.

Although Nadel was born on Romulus, she can barely remember it. Most of her childhood recollections are about her drinking father and her crying mother during the years after the destruction of the homeworld. During this time she realized that a new homeworld is what the entire Romulan people need the most.

Missions involved[]

  • ROM “Flight from Virinat”: Nadel welcomes the player to the Romulan Flotilla and shows the way to Commander Temer's office. While the player discusses joining the Republic with Temer, Nadel gives Tovan Khev, the player's first officer, a tour of the ship.
  • ROM “Turning Point”: In Commander Temer's old office, Nadel presents the player with the choice of either allying with the Klingon Empire or the Federation.
  • ROM “Tradecraft”: Commanding the Deihu, Nadel comes to aid the player against a Tal Shiar fleet trying to capture him/her, Tovan Khev and defecting Tal Shiar officer Charva. After the battle is won, Charva is transferred aboard Nadel's ship for further questioning.
  • ALL “Installation 18”: Nadel and the Deihu along with Republic vessels and several Nimbus pirate ships arrive to aid the player against a Tal Shiar fleet commanded by Hakeev in orbit of Nimbus III.
  • FED “Shadow Play”: Nadel coordinates the defense of New Romulus against an Elachi invasion.

Missions given[]

Other involvement[]

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