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Gorn Naga Fighter
Naga Fighter.png
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The Naga Fighter is a small lightweight fighter vessel of Gorn design. Like Romulan Scorpion Fighters they can operate independently, albeit within reach of a Gorn fleet. Weaponry and technical specifications match the Orion Syndicate's Interceptor. They can inflict significant damage over time.



The Naga Fighter does not display any special powers.


Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
13 981 - -
17 1191 - -


Missions involved[]


  • Like all other Gorn starship classes, the Naga designation is a reference to reptiles from Earth's fauna and/or mythology. The Naga is a group of serpent deities in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, as well as a type of mythical creature believed to live in the Laotian stretch of the Mekong River.
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