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NeutralNal Shadaan System
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Devore Sector
Delta Quadrant

Nal Shadaan Sector Map.png

The Nal Shadaan System is a system located in the Devore Sector of the Delta Quadrant.

System Description[]

The Nal Shadaan system is home to a civilization of more than 900 million. The Shadaans have begun to develop spaceflight, but as of yet are not warp capable. Although the species of the Delta Quadrant do not recognize the Prime Directive, there has been a quiet agreement to leave the Shadaans in peace. Even the Hierarchy has agreed to follow this unspoken rule, although that may be because they see more profit in a species with spaceflight than one without it.

Missions Involved[]


On the Sector space galaxy map, this system is misnamed "Nel Shadeen".