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NeutralNassordin System
Nassordin System.jpg
Alsuran Sector
Delta Quadrant

Nassordin Sector Map.png

The Nassordin System is a system located in the Alsuran Sector of the Delta Quadrant

System Description[]

Nassordin has six planets orbiting a Class G star. The largest of these worlds, Nassordin III, is also the only one that can sustain life, and is home to more than 6 billion inhabitants. The Nassordin are known throughout the quadrant for their consumer technology, and have recently begun developing replicators and holoemitters that improve upon designs left in the quadrant by U.S.S. Voyager. Their largest trading partner is the B'omar Sovereignty, but frequent disputes between the two groups often slow the flow of goods to a trickle.

Missions Involved[]