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Nausicaans are a humanoid species native to their home world of Nausicaa. In Star Trek Online they are both a playable race of the Klingon Empire and an NPC Faction.

Physical appearance[ | ]

Nausicaans are typically very tall, normally above two meters and possess excellent physical strength. Their faces are very distinct, their foreheads featuring a prominent bone structure and sharp tusks protrude from both sides of their mouths.

Culture[ | ]

Due to their strength and violent nature Nausicaans are often mercenaries or hired muscle for other races, e.g. Ferengi. They were hired by the Gorn Hegemony to help against the ongoing conflict with the Klingon Empire. When the Gorn were absorbed into the Klingon Empire in 2404, the Nausicaans followed suit. They are also notorious pirates and often prey upon freighters and civilian transports.

In the 25th century, there are also Nausicaan Augments. One of those is Goshi the Augmented who claims to have more "guramba" than anyone else. Small spikes on the forehead are an indicator of genetic augmentation.

History[ | ]

  • Starfleet made first contact with Nausicaan pirates in the 22nd century. (Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Fortunate Son")
  • In 2389 the Gorn Hegemony hires the Nausicaan government to support them in their conflict with the Klingon Empire.
  • A peace conference aboard Deepspace K7 in 2391 fails when an explosive device detonates.
  • In 2396 Nausicaan raiders destroy three Klingon outposts. In response, the KDF destroys the Nausicaan starbase in the Orellius IX asteroid belt.
  • War between the Klingons and Orions on the one side and Gorn and Nausicaans on the other side is declared in 2399.
  • The inital Klingon attacks are countered by Gorn and Nausicaan forces in 2400.
  • The Gorn Hegemony falls to the Klingon Empire in 2403 after an orbital blockade.
  • In 2405 the Nausicaans sign a nonaggression pact with the Klingon Empire.
  • A hidden base is maintained in the Celes System in 2409, protected by several ships. ( “Celes System Patrol”, “Heading Out”)
  • Captain Mok hires Nausicaans to steal kemocite from Starbase 114 in 2409. Starfleet eventually finds the Nausicaans' hidden base in the Celes System while pursuing Mok's ship, the S.S. Nandi and retrieves the stolen crates. ( “War is Good for Business”)
  • The same year, Nausicaans claim the Xleen System, placing turret groups around an asteroid field. They destroy several Federation ships entering the system, among them the U.S.S. Welch. With the destruction of their installations and ships in the system by Starfleet, the Nausicaan control there ends. ( “Explore the Xleen System”)

Politics[ | ]


A Nausicaan.

The Nausicaans are now affiliated with the Klingon Empire. Among those, a considerable number have chosen to join the Klingon Defense Force.

Traits[ | ]

Military[ | ]

  1. Should be a Dreadnought or a Battleship, but appears as a cruiser class right now (enemy mob).

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