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TzenkethiNeth Parr
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Military Rank:
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Information giver
Voiced by:
Lani Minella

Captain Neth Parr is a Tzenkethi officer.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Melting Pot”: Having discovered that the Lukari and Kentari are studying Germanium crystals at Dranuur Colony, Captain Parr and her forces beam to the colony and help the player, along with Captains Geordi La Forge and Kuumaarke, eradicate the resulting Drantzuli infestation. She recommends that the colony not use open communications channels in the future, and agrees not to eradicate the colony with a Protomatter weapon. She and her away team return to their ship, but their commanding officer orders the Tzenkethi to attack in orbit. During the battle, Neth Parr is able to seize command of the lead Tzenkethi vessel, and warns the player that the Tzenkethi Autarch will stop at nothing to destroy the Drantzuli.
  • ALL “Scylla and Charybdis”: Neth Parr defects and informs the Alliance about their attack on Bajor.
  • ALL “The Renegade's Regret”: Now being held in protective custody at Deep Space 9, Neth Parr, having renounced her rank, tells the player and Captain La Forge of the circumstances leading to her defection. These include her first mission as captain, during which she was ordered to eradicate the Drantzuli presence in the Eohk System, destroying the Eohki people with a protomatter bomb; a mission on Draconis III, during which she was ordered to kill not only the inhabitants of the planet, but members of her own crew who had been sealed inside a temple; and a mission to Atosee Prime, during which Admiral Tzen-Tarrak elected to eliminate the planet's population, despite the fact that they had relocated all of the Drantzuli eggs to the planet's moon.
  • ALL “Home”: Having resumed command of the Steadfast, Neth Parr, along with a small Tzenkethi task force, arrive at Empersa to defend it against the Hur'q. Later, on DS9, she thanks the player for their efforts during the Tzenkethi crusade, and says that she will help make amends for crimes committed during said campaign.


  • No icon.png Dual Protomatter-Tetryon Burst
  • No icon.png Melee Smash
  • No icon.png Protomatter-Laced Energy Blast
  • No icon.png Shoulder Turret - Tetryon Burst

Other involvement[]

  • "The Redemption of the Steadfast": In a flashback, Commander Neth Parr is ordered to intercept the C.S.S. Steadfast, captained by Tzen-Crinnu, who has abandoned the mission to purge systems of Drantzuli and is approaching Federation space. Neth Parr's vessel attacks the Steadfast, killing its crew with a protomatter torpedo. Neth Parr claims the Steadfast as her own.


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