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The New Link on Orias III

Located on Orias III, the New Link is an authority consisting of Changelings existing independently from the Great Link of the Dominion. They serve as the primary driving force of the Alpha Jem'Hadar, and through them, the True Way Alliance.


Changelings intermingle in their natural liquid state, leaving no differentiation between invidiuals. During the alliance with the True Way and the Alpha Jem'Hadar, they allowed the latter to revere them as gods. Due to Laas's manipulations, the members of the New Link believe that the forces of the Alpha Quadrant eradicated the Dominion at the end of the Dominion War, and they harbor extreme hostility toward outsiders.


  • Years ago, the Founders send one hundred infant Changelings across the Galaxy into the Alpha Quadrant. These "lost children" are to return to the Great Link to teach what they have learned. To serve that end, they feel a call to the Omarion Nebula in the Gamma Quadrant. Two of them are Laas and Odo.
  • When they meet, Laas is informed about the Great Link by Odo and decides to search for the other lost children, thus becoming the first of the New Link.
  • During the Dominion War, the Changeling Laas is infected with a virus. Odo returns to the Great Link.
  • On Koralis III, Laas meets Odo who asks him on behalf of the Great Link to return with him to the Gamma Quadrant. Laas declines and instead intends to search for other Changelings in the Alpha Quadrant. Odo heals Lass from his infection. However, Laas loses his mind and is consumed by fear and hatred for "solids" (humanoid species). (2384)
  • Starfleet Intelligence finds out that Laas has arrived with two other Changelings in the Devos System in 2398. Laas is the first to create a new link with them and, as the most experienced, takes leadership. Furthermore, the Changelings do not feel urged to return to the Omarion Nebula anymore, instead chosing to settle down in the Devos System, Alpha Quadrant.
  • He promised to keep the New Link safe by creating a "new Dominion".
  • Together with First Lamat'Ukan and Gul Madred, Laas tries to form a new Dominion, consisting of the True Way Alliance, the Alpha Jem'Hadar and the New Link. He wants to keep the Link safe by conquest and being the most experienced, the other Changelings follow his direction.
  • In 2400, the Founders declare any shapeshifters active in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant rogue, which may be directed at Laas and his people, but most likely at Undine infiltrators.
  • At some time the New Link and the Alpha Jem'Hadar settle together on Orias III in the Orias System, which becomes their new homeworld.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “The Factory” (mentioned only): Thanks to data retrieved from Gul Kardek, the player finds a Ketracel-White factory on an asteroid in the Devos System. With the assistance of Vorta scientist Neman, data can be collected from the facility's command center before the entire base is destroyed.
  • ALL “The New Link”: The collected data shows that the factory had been receiving orders from Laas and his New Link on Orias III. Laas had been manipulating his fellow Changelings by making them believe that the original Great Link in the Gamma Quadrant had been obliterated by solids. Once there, Laas can be subdued, and the truth is revealed to the New Link, who subsequently ask to be left alone. Before departing from the system, the player places a quarantine buoy in orbit of the planet.



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