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New Romulus (also known as Dewa III, Vastam, and Mol'Rihan) is the third planet in the New Romulus System and the capital of the Romulan Republic. Its accessible surface is an adventure zone, with the capital city also being home to the Fleet Embassy as well as New Romulus Command.

Due to the destruction of Romulus in 2387, and as a counter weight to the Tal Shiar and Sela's deceitful Star Empire governed from Rator III, Romulans and Remans under D'Tan’s Unification and Obisek’s Resistance declared Mol'Rihan to be the new capital planet of a peaceful and honest Romulan civilization in 2409.

System description[ | ]

Records indicate that the colony ships that left Vulcan after the Sundering spent several months on this planet. Mostly abandoned since then, this M-class world is now the home of New Romulus, a colony made of Romulans and Remans seeking to create a new society and a new homeworld.

Radiation levels and seismic instability on the planet indicate that there was a world-wide cataclysmic event in the world's distant past. It will take more study to determine exactly what happened.

Key locations[ | ]


The Embassy on New Romulus

  • A Transwarp gate
  • 2 moons (one destroyed)

History[ | ]

See also: History of New Romulus (lore)

The Iconian Empire[ | ]

  • 200,000 years ago, Dewa III was a colony world of the Iconian Empire. Although later records state that they ruled oppressively over the native Dewans, killing any who did not fall in line, the factuality of these claims is questionable and/or they pertain only to the time after the Iconian homeworld was destroyed.
  • When an alliance of envious races, who would later claim to have risen against their oppressors, attacked the Iconian worlds to gain access to the superior technology, Dewa was the first planet targeted. The planet was bombarded from orbit, killing thousands and destroying the geothermal taps that provided power to everything on the planet. While the last twelve surviving Iconians sought shelter on Dewa III for some time after the obliteration of their homeworld, they later left via their gateways, abandoning the Dewans.

The Dewan Civilization[ | ]

See also: Last Days of the Dewans (lore)
  • With the Iconians gone, the surviving Dewans formed their own civilization.
  • Thousands of years later, as the Dewans were preparing to launch their first starships, an abandoned Iconian Gateway was found in a subterranean cavern. Tempted by the possibility of instantaneous travel, the space program was abandoned and all resources were thrown toward making the Gateway operational again.
  • When the Gateway was ready, it was connected to geothermal power taps to provide the necessary energy. The Dewans failed to realize the bombardment millenia ago had made this dangerous.
  • When the Dewans activated the Gateway, it triggered massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that wiped out most of the population and bathed the planet in a killing cloud of radiation.
  • The surviving Dewans retreated to caves to escape the radiation and the nuclear winter, but ultimately their resources ran out and they died off.

The Vulcan Outcasts[ | ]

  • 2,000 years ago, the Time of Awakening occurred on Vulcan. Vulcan society suppressed its emotions to put an end to centuries of savage conflict. A group known as "those who march beneath the raptor's wings" opposed this solution, seeing it as a betrayal of their souls. They left Vulcan aboard huge generational ships and set off to find a new planet on which to settle.
  • The outcast Vulcans eventually reached Dewa III, which they named Vastam. Some desired to settle there, not wanting to return to the cold and cramped ships, while others believed they could not make the necessary changes to live there.
  • Eventually an open debate was organized to make the decision. Despite the good intentions, things quickly deteriorated and a massive riot began. By the time it ended, 247 people had been killed.
  • The survivors unanimously decided to leave, which they did. They ultimately settled on the planet Romulus and became known as the Romulans.

Missions involved[ | ]

  • ROM “The Search for New Romulus”: In 2409, a splinter group of Romulans led by D'Tan decided to put aside their history of secrecy and deception and create a new Romulan society. Together with Obisek's Reman Resistance, they founded the Romulan Republic and are looking for a new homeworld. A scout team of the Republic soon discovers the Sword of the Raptor Star among the ruins on Dewa III and determines the planet to be perfect for becoming "Mol'Rihan" - a New Romulus.
  • Missions in the New Romulus adventure zone are listed in the following section.
  • ALL “Embassy Officer of the Watch”: Assist in the operations of your fleet embassy on New Romulus.
  • ALL “Sphere of Influence”: Representatives of the Romulan Republic, Federation, and Klingon Empire are invited to New Romulus to oversee the activation of a recently-restored Iconian gateway discovered beneath the planet's surface.
  • ALL “Blood of Ancients”: In 2410, New Romulus is raided by the Heralds in an attempt to recapture the underground gateway.
  • ALL “The Temporal Front”: In the wake of the barely won Iconian War, several powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, including the Romulan Republic, the Federation, and the Klingon Empire, convene at the Embassy on New Romulus to discuss the formation of a Galactic Alliance.

New Romulus adventure zone[ | ]

Storyline Missions[ | ]

Daily Mission[ | ]

New Romulus Reputation missions[ | ]

Open missions[ | ]

  • Alert Missions appear in a different area on New Romulus on the hour and half hour.

Locations[ | ]

New Romulus Command and the Fleet Embassy are also located on New Romulus, but are not part of the adventure zone.

Staging Area[ | ]

New Romulus Staging Area

The Staging Area.

The Staging Area is where the player will arrive upon beaming down. This area contains the Fleet embassy, as well as access to the bank, mail, and exchange. A vendor selling consumable devices, personal shields, and body armor also conducts business here.

The Staging Area also offers a direct access to the New Romulus Fleet Embassy, and to New Romulus Command for Romulan Republic players.

Vastam Peaks[ | ]

New Romulus Vastam Peaks

Vastam Peaks.

Located east of the Staging Area, the Vastam Peaks consists mostly of mountain ranges. The isolated area is prone to attacks from Tal Shiar agents, as well as imposing Dewan arthropods.

Mountain Pass[ | ]

MountainPass 1024x768

Mountain Pass.

In the north of Vastam Peaks lies the misty Mountain Pass. This area also has a transporter for fast access.

The Atlai[ | ]

TheAtlai 1024x768

The Atlai.

The Atlai river is home to dozens of nanov, including a massive "mother nanov" at the far east. Animals such as the Rihan sailback are not uncommon.

Isha Forest/Epohh Fields[ | ]

EpohhFields01 1024x768

Epohh Fields.

The Epohh Fields are, as the name suggests, home to a variety of epohh species.

Paehhos Crater[ | ]

PaehhosCrater01 1024x768

Paehhos Crater.

The Paehhos Crater is a region located south of Vastam and east of Hwael. It is home to many species including Armored hatham, Vivver cats, and driclae. Hirogen hunters also stalk the area, looking for worthy prey.

Hwael Ruins[ | ]

HwaelRuins 1024x768

Hwael Ruins.

The Hwael Ruins are all that remains of an extinct civilization that dominated the planet long before the ancient Romulans arrived. Tholian raiding parties frequent the area, so players should be on their guard when traveling through Hwael.

Underground Ruins[ | ]

UndergroundRuins 1024x768

Underground Ruins.

In the south of Hwael Ruins lies the mysterious Underground Ruins. This area also has a transporter for fast access.

Map[ | ]

NewRomulus01 800x1017

A map of New Romulus. - Click to Enlarge

Accolades[ | ]

Numerous accolades can be obtained on New Romulus:

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • New Romulus and its resident sector block were added to the game in Season Seven: New Romulus. It is intended to continue the story of Cloaked Intentions, and as such it is only accessible to players that have chosen a 25th century allegiance.
  • New Romulus is the largest adventure zone, and the largest map in general, in the game.
  • The planet's eerie blue glow from orbit is due to its proximity to the Azure Nebula.
  • "Mol'Rihan" is also an informal name for Empress Sela's capital city on Rator III.
  • With the launch of Legacy of Romulus, New Romulus (along with the Romulan Flotilla) became the primary social hub for Romulan Republic players, just as Earth Spacedock and Qo'noS are for Federation and KDF players, respectively.
  • A character's first visit to the New Romulus adventure zone will invoke a cutscene that may not be skipped, and is tailored to the character's faction. This cutscene will be repeated each time the character enters that map from New Romulus System (but not from New Romulus Command), until "Mission: New Romulus Aid" is completed. The cutscene can be manually replayed later at a console near Foreman Kylor via "View Arrival Log".
  • Following the death of Leonard Nimoy in February 2015, a statue dedicated to Spock's memory was erected on the surface of the planet.

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