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For an overview of playable starships within Star Trek Online, see the Playable starship article

There are many types of non-playable starships for each faction, ranging from civilian freighters to enemy warships that the player must overcome in space combat. Players will encounter these ships while in space, either when running missions or traveling between star systems.

Classifications[ | ]

Fighter[ | ]

See also: Carrier pets.
Critter Rank 0 icon
Fighters (also known as shuttles or small craft) are the weakest NPCs found on space maps. Equivalent to Neophytes, they are even weaker than frigates and are no match for players.
Some fighters, such as the Orion Interceptor, are launched from higher-level ships (carriers).

Frigate[ | ]

Critter Rank 1 icon
Frigates (also known as Corvettes or Light Cruisers) are small, maneuverable vessels used by almost every faction. They are generally the weakest NPC vessels in the game (aside from Fighters), and as such they typically appear in groups of three.
Frigates generally carry three or four weapons and only a couple of abilities.

Science Vessels[ | ]

Critter Rank 2 icon
Science Vessels are ships with small hull and strong shields, they also have a small crew, but are also faster but less maneuverable than frigates.

Escorts[ | ]

Critter Rank 2 icon
Escorts are vessels with a small hull and weak shields. They also have a small crew, but are also faster and much more maneuverable than frigates.

Cruiser[ | ]

You may be looking for the playable Federation Cruiser-shiptype.
Critter Rank 2 icon
Cruisers are ships with large hull and medium strong shields, they also have a large crew, but are also slow and less maneuverable than frigates.

Battleship[ | ]

Critter Rank 3 icon
Battleships are the second most powerful NPC vessels used by factions, outgunned only by the dreadnought. They have very strong hull and shields, five or six weapons slots, and a wide range of abilities.
To compensate for all their power, battleships are very slow and not at all maneuverable. Some battleships, such as the Breen Capital Ship, are carriers capable of launching fighters.

Dreadnought[ | ]

You may be looking for the playable Federation Dreadnought Cruiser.
Critter Rank 4 icon
Dreadnoughts are the most powerful (conventional) NPC ships in the game. They are comparable to battleships in terms of speed and weaponry, but they have much stronger hull and shield strength.
They are dangerous and resilient to the point where defeating a dreadnought usually requires more than one ship (player or NPC regardless). Some dreadnoughts, such as the Klingon Vo'quv, are carriers capable of launching fighters.

Capital[ | ]

Critter Rank 5 icon
Capital ships are the most powerful NPCs in the game and some of them do not belong to any specific faction. This rank is not given to conventional ships, but only to very specific NPCs whose power and abilities surpass and are unlike any other ship in the game. Capital ships usually cannot be defeated in conventional ways, and require special tactics.

So far, these are only three space NPC starships of this rank: the Crystalline Entity, the Undine Planet Killers and the Doomsday Machine. Deep Space Nine, its Mirror Universe counterpart, the Terran and Alliance Starbases from the Badlands Battlezone, and the Enterprise-J are also considered Capital ships.

List of NPC Starship Classes[ | ]

The following is a list of all NPC Starships Classes currently in use by the various factions. These are mobs that may be encountered by the player during missions.

NPC Starship Classes
Faction Fighter
Critter Rank 0 icon
Critter Rank 1 icon
Critter Rank 2 icon
Critter Rank 3 icon
Critter Rank 4 icon
Faction Federation
United Federation of Planets
Peregrine Fighter
Federation Shuttlecraft
Federation Frigate
Civilian Escort
Federation Escort
Federation Cruiser
Federation Science Vessel
Galaxy-class Cruiser
Nebula-class Science Vessel
Rhode Island Science Vessel
Intrepid-class Science Vessel
Typhoon-class Battleship
Armitage-class Escort Carrier
Prometheus-class Escort
Jupiter-class Dreadnought
Galaxy-X Dreadnought Cruiser
Odyssey Dreadnought Cruiser
Faction Klingon
Klingon Empire
To'Duj Fighter Bird-of-Prey Battle Cruiser
Raptor Escort
Negh'Var Warship Vo'Quv Dreadnought
Bortasqu' Dreadnought Battlecruiser
Faction Romulan Republic
Romulan Republic
Scorpion Fighter
Romulan Shuttle
T'liss Light Warbird
T'varo Light Warbird
Mogai Heavy Warbird
Dhelan Warbird
D'deridex Battlecruiser
Ha'apax Advanced Warbird
Haakona Advanced Warbird
Falchion Dreadnought Warbird
Scimitar Dreadnought
Faction Romulan Star Empire
Romulan Star Empire
Scorpion Fighter
Romulan Shuttle
T'varo Light Warbird
Tal Shiar Drone
Mogai Heavy Warbird D'deridex Battlecruiser Scimitar Dreadnought
Faction Reman
Reman Resistance
Scorpion Fighter T'varo Light Warbird Mogai Heavy Warbird
Dhael Warbird
D'deridex Battlecruiser
Haakona Advanced Warbird
Scimitar Dreadnought
Faction Nausicaan
Stinger Fighter Syphon Frigate Destroyer Escort
Scourge Destroyer
Guramba Siege Destroyer
Talon Battleship Ravager Dreadnought
Faction Gorn
Gorn Hegemony
Naga Fighter Vishap Frigate Tuatara Cruiser
Draguas Support Vessel
Phalanx Science Vessel
Zilant Battleship
Varanus Fleet Support Vessel
Balaur Dreadnought
Faction Orion
Orion Syndicate
Orion Interceptor Orion Corvette Brigand Cruiser
Corsair Flight-Deck Cruiser
Marauder Battleship
Slavemaster Battleship
Warbarge Dreadnought
Faction Breen
Breen Confederacy
Bleth Choas Fighter Plesh Brek Frigate Chel Grett Cruiser Sarr Theln Warship
Breen Capital Ship
Rezreth Destroyer
Rezreth Siege Destroyer
Faction Terran Empire
Terran Empire
Terran Peregrine Fighter
Terran Danube Runabout
Terran Frigate Terran Escort Typhoon-class Battleship Galaxy-X Dreadnought Cruiser
Odyssey Dreadnought Cruiser
Paradox Temporal Dreadnought
Faction Cardassian
Cardassian Union

Hideki Class Galor Class Keldon Class
Faction Dominion
Jem'Hadar Fighter Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Jem'Hadar Battleship Jem'Hadar Dreadnought
Faction True Way
True Way Alliance
Jem'Hadar Fighter Hideki Class
Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
Galor Class
Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort
Keldon Class
Jem'Hadar Battleship
Jem'Hadar Dreadnought
Faction Tholian
Tholian Assembly
Tholian Widow Tholian Mesh Weaver Tholian Orb Weaver Tholian Recluse Tholian Tarantula
Faction Na'kuhl
Tadaari Frigate Daemosh Destroyer Acheros Battleship
Faction Fek'Ihri
Fek'Ihri Horde
S'Kul Fighter
Tortured Soul
Fer'Jai Frigate K'Norr Escort Kar'Fi Battle Carrier Drek'Hi Dreadnought
Faction Hirogen

Seeker Frigate Hunter Escort Apex Battleship Huntmaster Dreadnought
Faction Undine

Nicor Bioship Dromias Bio-Cruiser Vila Heavy Bioship Tethys Bio-Dreadnought
Faction Borg
Borg Collective

Borg Probe
Tractor Probe
Regeneration Probe
Borg Sphere Borg Cube Borg Tactical Cube
Unimatrix 0047 Command Ship
Borg Queen's Octahedron
Faction Iconian
Iconian Probe
Mir Fighter
Baltim Raider Quas Cruiser Vonph Battleship Iaidon Dreadnought
Faction Deferi
Deferi Shuttle
Mining Pod
Mining Bot
Deferi Frigate Deferi Cruiser Deferi Battleship
Faction Elachi
Oschu Shuttle Qulash Frigate
Qulash Entangler Frigate
Qulash Corruptor Frigate
S'golth Escort Monbosh Battleship Sheshar Dreadnought
Faction Voth
Voth Ward Repair Ship Voth Palisade Frigate Voth Bastion Cruiser Voth Bulwark Battleship Voth Citadel Dreadnought
Faction Vaadwaur
Vaadwaur Supremacy

Vaadwaur Scout Vessel
Vaadwaur Assault Vessel
Vaadwaur Assault CruiserVaadwaur Interdictor Cruiser Vaadwaur Heavy Artillery Vessel Vaadwaur Juggernaut
Faction Krenim
Krenim Frigate Krenim Warship Krenim Battleship
Faction Generic

Acamarian Frigate Acamarian Cruiser Acamarian Battleship
Faction Generic

Alien Frigate Alien Cruiser
Alien Escort
Alien Science Vessel
Alien Battleship