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Kyana Research Station
K.I.S. Annorax
Galorndon Core System
Starfleet HQ - Research Lab 7
Information giver
Incarcerated (26th century)
Voiced by:
James Horan[1]

Researcher Noye, or Envoy, is a Krenim scientist, who was stationed in the Kyana System. Until a temporal incursion in 2410, he was married to a fellow researcher, Clauda.

Missions involved[ | ]

Agents of Yesterday[ | ]

Iconian War[ | ]

  • ALL “Broken Circle”: The player meets Noye on the Kyana Research Station, where he is working alongside Captain Nog and Seven of Nine to build the Krenim time ship. He expresses some distrust and disdain for the Borg, and is concerned about being able to shield the time ship from the effects of the temporal weapon.
  • ALL “Butterfly”: Noye leads Beta Team at the Krenim temporal research facility, and asks the player to run a holodeck simulation of the results of preventing U.S.S. Voyager from discovering Underspace, and thus preventing the discovery of the Vaadwaur by Seven of Nine. The scenario proves to be worthless, as the Iconians simply used the Hierarchy as their minions instead. Later, a temporal incursion following the recommendations of Team Gamma has to be corrected, which inadvertently leads to the Tuterian civilization being extinct by 2410 and, thus, Noye's wife Clauda being erased from the timeline.
  • ALL “Midnight”: Noye, commanding the K.I.S. Annorax, brings the ship to the Sol System to open a temporal vortex so that the player can travel to the past and prevent the Iconians from escaping the attack on their homeworld and becoming a threat.

Yesterday's War[ | ]

Future Proof[ | ]

  • ALL “Time and Tide”: When a future version of Noye attacks the signing of the Temporal Accords, the player and Captain Benjamin Walker return to 2410 to discover Noye's plan. Noye steals the Annorax and plants bombs through the Krenim research facility. Traala accesses Noye's personal logs, revealing that he has discovered Clauda's existence, and also that she had been pregnant. Blaming the Federation for her erasure, Noye discovered the remaining Tuterians living in a trans-dimensional void, as they can no longer exist in normal space. The future version of Noye attacks the research facility, and is chased into the timestream by the player, but is able to escape.
  • ALL “Temporal Reckoning”: The Envoy reveals his Temporal Liberation Front, consisting of Boratus, Krog, the Sphere Builders, and Admiral Leeta.
  • ALL “Ragnarok”: Noye leads the Temporal Liberation Front in the Battle of Procyon V. He is ultimately defeated by the player, who takes him into custody.

J'Ula's Discovery[ | ]

  • ALL “The Measure of Morality (Part 1)”: Player participates in trials prepared by the Excalbians in their pursuit to understand the concept of good and evil. As part of the trial, Excalbians create an alternate version of the Battle of Procyon V, where TLF forces got their hands on Tox Uthat. Player boards the heavily damaged Annorax and reaches the ship's engineering (similar to what happened in the original battle). After defeating all of Noye's allies, player faces Noye himself. Although Noye is defeated, he shields himself with a force field and attempts to turn back time to stop the player from ever interfering with his plans. He is stopped by a sudden appearance of his wife, Clauda, who convinces him to stop. Once Noye is "safe" in her embrace, Clauda kills him, revealing she is in fact the Founder.

Other involvement[ | ]

  • In Tales of the War #12, Nog must manage infighting among the Iconian Resistance researchers, including Noye. At the briefing, Noye explains that the Resistance has been unable to locate a suitable target for the weapon.
  • In Tales of the War #18, Seven of Nine composes a series of letters to Admiral Kathryn Janeway. The letters chronicle Seven's misgivings about the Krenim timeship project, and her conflicts with the other researchers there, particularly Noye. Her concerns culminate in her decision to leave the project prior to the events of “Butterfly”.
  • "Suspicions": It is revealed that in the aftermath of the war, Noye has been acting with hostility toward his fellow Krenim researchers, and has revoked their access to the shielded temporal core.

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • Noye's facial hair changes during “Butterfly”: he starts out with a small beard but when the player speaks to him at the end of the mission, he has a full goatee, possibly an indication of the changes to the timeline caused during the mission. As of "Measure of Morality (Part 1)", wherein the player confronts an Excalbian simulacrum of Noye, he now sports a full beard and mustache.
  • Additionally, during the first visit to Kyana Station, Noye is listed as 'Team Leader' and there is an unnamed 'Krenim Lead Temporal Researcher' talking to Nog, but on the second visit at the end of the mission, Noye is now listed as 'Lead Researcher', indicating that one of the alterations from the failed temporal incursion is possibly that he now has a different position on the project.
  • As of Season Nineteen: Legacy, he is voiced by James Horan, who was the voice of "Future Guy" in Star Trek: Enterprise. Previously, he was voiced by Marc Biagi. Al Rivera, director of Star Trek Online, had attempted to get James Horan to voice Noye for the story arc, but were unable to get him at the time. Al Rivera made it a priority for the Tenth Anniversary. [2]
  • Noye's looks has been slightly redone from Season 19, such as the change of his hairstyle, facial details and his goatee.

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