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TholianNukara Prime

Nukara Prime.png
Nukara Prime from orbit

Nukara System
Boreth Sector
Beta Quadrant

Nukara System ground.jpg
Panorama of the surface

Nukara Prime is an inhospitable "Demon" class planet, the second in the Nukara System of the Boreth Sector.

Surface temperatures exceed 500 Kelvin and the atmosphere is saturated with sulfur and thermionic radiation, thereby requiring all personnel to wear an Environmental Suit at all times.

History[edit | edit source]

  • "Season 6 Dev Blog #8": A series of log entries by the Second Officer of the S.S. Mauss details the vessel's monitoring of the relatively primitive Nukaran culture inhabiting Nukara IV. As time passes, the crew of the Mauss discover that there are interphasic rifts on Nukara Prime. Eventually, Tholian ships are detected; anticipating being discovered and destroyed, the Second Officer encodes the data collected thus far. The wreckage of the Mauss is later discovered by the U.S.S. Alliance, which recovers the encrypted data.

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