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TholianNukara System
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Boreth Sector
Beta Quadrant

Nukara Sector Map.png

The Nukara System is a star system in the Boreth Sector of the Beta Quadrant. The fourth planet harbors an indigenous pre-warp civilization.

System Description[]

The Nukara system is a binary star system with twin Class K stars and six planets. Of those, two are of interest to scientists.

Planetary surveys have found a primitive civilization on Nukara VI[sic] equivalent to Earth's Stone Age. The Federation Science Concil has deployed sensor arrays to observe the Nukarans, but all requests for observer blinds or other close studies have been denied out of fear of contaminating the fragile culture. The planet is currently under Federation quarantine.

Nukara Prime is a Y-Class or "demon" planet. Located in close orbit of the twin stars, surface temperatures on Nukara Prime can exceed 500 K. Its atmosphere is saturated with sulfur and thermionic radiation, and the plumes of radiation are so intense they can affect starships in orbit. In addition, interspacial rifts have been detected on the surface. Additional study will be required to determine the extent of this phenomenon.


The system contains at least four planets, one of which is the inhospitable Class Y planet Nukara Prime. Nukara IV, however, is habitable and home to an Iron Age civilization, the Nukarans.


  • In April 2409 (stardate 86309.10), the Federation science vessel S.S. Mauss monitors the Nukarans from orbit, where a satellite is positioned.
  • Following the detection of unusual phenomena on Nukara Prime, the Mauss proceeds to the planet to investigate. Interphasic rifts have opened on the planet's surface. Shortly after, the vessel is destroyed by a Tholian Recluse Carrier and six escorts.
  • In early May (stardate 86345.37), Starfleet dispatches U.S.S. Alliance to investigate fate of the Mauss. The Tholians are gone and only wreckage remains of the science vessel and its crew.
  • Soon after, the Tholian Assembly establishes a presence on Nukara Prime.

Missions Involved[]


  • Entering the Nukara System brings the player automatically to the Nukara Prime Base Camp, the starting point of the Tholian Incursion ground adventure zone (Level 50).
  • "Nukara" is the name of a music festival venue in Western Australia.

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