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Military Rank:
Romulan Commander
Critter Rank 4 icon.png
Guard Captain
Voiced by:
Eric Newsome

Obisek is a Reman Guard Captain and the leader of the Reman Resistance in 2409. He, together with his Resistance, later joins D'Tan‘s Unificationists based on New Romulus, thereby forming and building the Romulan Republic.

Missions given[]

  • ALL “Coliseum”: Obisek asks the player to locate a Reman vessel that disappeared in the Nopada System. He apologises to the player for Slamek’s betrayal at the end of the mission.

Missions involved[]

  • ALL “Temporal Ambassador”: In an alternate timeline, Obisek is a laborer working for the Tholian Assembly at a base in the Azure Nebula. For Romulan players, it is he who provides the diversion necessary to sneak by a Tholian guard.
  • ALL “The Undying”: Players briefly encounter Obisek in a Reman T'varo Light Warbird (possibly the Rerik) while engaging Hassan the Undying's forces in the Nimbus System. Obviously he arranged to purchase thalaron triggers from Hassan, but can escape with the merchandise before being apprehended.
  • ALL “The Vault”: Some of Obisek's forces enter The Vault and try to steal thalaron weapons to use against the Romulan Star Empire. After traversing through the Vault, the player is confronted by Obisek after scanning a thalaron generator in the final room where they parley with him on his presence and plans. Obisek however does not trust them, including players with ‘successful’ diplomacy responses during the conversation, and orders his ships to defeat and prevent their escape while he finishes loading thalaron weapons on another ship which had already left the Vault.
  • ALL “Frozen”: With data recovered from Listening Post Hephaestus, the player tracks Obisek to the planet Dera IV and meets him and his Resistance in person at their base. Obisek then reveals his knowledge of the Demons of Air and Darkness whom the Tal Shiar began serving under to the player and pleads for their assistance in fighting them. The player must decide whether to arrest or side with Obisek against the Tal Shiar. If the player sides with him, Tal Shiar forces enter the base and Obisek returns to his ship to hold them off after commencing the evacuation of civilians, and ordering Commander Rashna to transport reinforcements to aid the player in defending the base. If the player arrests Obisek however, Reman reinforcements beam in and the player battles them along with his guards while Obisek flees via his ship.
  • ALL “Cutting the Cord”: Obisek leads an attack against a Tal Shiar base on Brea III in his flagship, the Zdenia. He later beams down with his forces to the surface and aid the player in defeating Hakeev. If the player is from the Romulan Republic, he/she executes Hakeev. Otherwise, Obisek does so. Finally, he assists the player in defeating Sela‘s flagship and her forces in orbit and witnesses Sela’s flagship being towed by a Quas Cruiser through an Iconian gateway.
  • ALL “Darkness Before the Dawn”: Obisek and the Resistance decide to make the Vault their new home, and strive for peaceful existence. He bids farewell to the player and gifts them with a 'No Kill I' floor trophy.
  • ALL “Jabberwocky”: A Prophet takes the form of Obisek.
  • ALL “Vault Shuttle Event”: The Tal Shiar occupies the Vault. With the Zdenia gone to protect the displaced civilians, Obisek commands the Reman T'varo Light Warbird Rerik.

D'Tan and Obisek on New Romulus.

Hakeev's and Obisek's simulacrums.

  • ALL “The Measure of Morality (Part 1)”: The player, Seven of Nine and Michael Burnham are sent to an altered simulacrum of The Battle of Brea III to fight alongside Obisek against Hakeev once more. However, when Hakeev is defeated, Burnham and the player try to convince Obisek not to kill him, thus giving Hakeev the opportunity to use a hidden disruptor pistol to mortally wound Obisek. The player must then decide whether to save Obisek's life or pursue Hakeev and stop him from summoning Iconian reinforcements.

Missions mentioned[]

  • ROM “Crossroads at Crateris”: During the Tal Shiar and Elachi invasion of the Reman colony on Crateris, colonist commander Khiy informs that Obisek and his fleet were away and urges the player to find Zden, whom Obisek left in charge, on the surface. After Zden and Slamek were captured by the Elachi during the battle, Khiy assures that he will relay the player's message requesting to join D'Tan's movement to Obisek.
  • ALL “A Fistful of Gorn”: Horace Jones remarks at the beginning of the mission about the player's brief encounter with Obisek who escaped with the thalaron triggers during the battle with Hassan the Undying in the Nimbus System, but unfortunately tells the player that Obisek would have already been out of the sector by then.
  • ALL “Installation 18”: Delta Recruits discover information on the Tal Shiar's knowledge of the Iconians in the Tal Shiar communications array on Nimbus III. They are informed by their respective temporal agents that Hakeev is targeting the Remans, and suspects that Obisek has something that he wants.
  • ALL “Mine Enemy”: The player is sent to the Hfihar Mining Facility to investigate the reason it is targeted by Obisek and his Resistance.
  • ALL “Web Access”: The player accesses a recording in the Tholian base inside the Paehhos Caves on New Romulus where they discover that the attack on The Vault is merely a diversion to keep Obisek and his allies from impeding Tholian efforts on New Romulus.
  • ALL “Sphere of Influence”: While escorting the player to Admiral Kererek, Liason Frenek expresses disappointment on Obisek not being able to witness the Iconian gateway activation on New Romulus, as his presence is needed at the Vault.
  • ROM “Republic Day”: While speaking with the crew of the R.R.W. Lleiset, Subcommander Xionel tells the player that he was a former member of the Reman Resistance where he assisted Obisek in restoring The Vault after the fall of Crateris.
  • ALL “Uneasy Allies”: The player finds members of Obisek's Resistance who had been charged with guarding the Iconian Gateway complex in the Hobus System that had been killed by Romulan Navy officers under Sela.
  • ALL “Capture the Flag”: The player speaks with the crew of the R.R.W. Lleiset after rescuing them from the Vaadwaur attack where Xionel remarks that the hit he took from Overseer Relin is something he has not felt since he and Obisek were fighting the Tal Shiar.

Other involvement[]

  • "Season 7 Dev Blog #13": In a log, Captain James Wells of the U.S.S. Huxley summarizes his current mission: helping D'Tan's Romulans find a new homeworld. He says that Obisek has agreed to support D'Tan's movement.
  • "Season 7 Dev Blog #14": Obisek sends a message requesting assistance defending The Vault from the Tholians.



  • Obisek's voice is provided by Eric Newsome. (Tweet on Cryptic_Kestrel's Twitter account)
  • Obisek’s look was slightly redone in Season Nineteen: Legacy, such as changing his uniform colours to a darker green, shortening his drapery and extending the length of his boots reaching his thighs. His Republic uniform is also redone, with his purple scarf having an additional dark green colour and his drapery completely removed. The three large scars on the right side of his face have also been removed.
  • Obisek was written by Senior Content Designer Jesse Heinig who was originally intended to be a one-time mini-boss villain to fight at the beginning of ALL “The Vault”. Jesse decided against it as he thought it would be too boring and added a little depth, making his character more dialogue-heavy. (Ten Forward Weekly: 2021 Legendary Bundle Ships (February 24, 2021))
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