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Voiced by:
René Auberjonois

Odo is a Changeling. Formerly the security chief aboard Deep Space 9, he currently resides with the Dominion Founders in the Gamma Quadrant. Loriss acts as his personal Vorta.


  • Date Unknown: Odo is among the one hundred Changelings scattered across the galaxy by the Founders. He is eventually discovered in the Alpha Quadrant, and is studied by Bajoran Doctor Mora Pol for seven years. In that time, Odo learned to control his shapeshifting abilities; however, he regarded Mora's experiments as mistreatment.
  • Date Unknown: Odo arrives on Terok Nor, a Cardassian space station orbiting Bajor. There, he developed a reputation as a neutral party, and frequently settled disputes among the station's Bajoran population. Eventually, he is appointed chief of security by Dukat.
  • 2369: The Cardassians are forced from the station by the Bajorans, who turn to Starfleet for assistance with administration of the station. Commander Benjamin Sisko asks Odo to remain as chief of security.
  • 2371: Odo encounters his people in the Gamma Quadrant, notably meeting the Female Changeling, discovering that they are the Founders of the Dominion.
  • 2372: Odo is secretly infected with a morphogenic virus by Section 31, with the intent that he will pass the infection on to the Founders.
  • 2375: Odo meets Laas, another of the one hundred Changelings. While they develop a strong bond, Laas has learned to hold "solids" in contempt, and ultimately leaves the station. Later that year, he returns to his people in the Gamma Quadrant following the Dominion War, curing them of the morphogenic virus.
  • 2384: Odo acts as the Founders' ambassador to the solids. In this capacity, he meets with Laas and invites him to return with him to the Gamma Quadrant. Laas refuses, choosing to search the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for changelings.
  • 2386: Odo meets with Lamat'Ukan, First of the Jem'Hadar in the Alpha Quadrant, and invites him to return with him to the Gamma Quadrant. Lamat'Ukan rejects Odo as a false god, and refuses.

Missions given[]

Missions involved[]

  • Dominion “Ceremony”: After the player's promotion to First, Odo orders Weyoun and Loriss to prepare the fleet for departure towards the Bajoran wormhole and the Alpha Quadrant.
  • Dominion “Turn the Tide”: After the arrival of the Dominion fleet in Bajor's orbit in order to assist the Alliance in its fight against the Hur'q, Odo sends the player's squad of Jem'Hadar to rescue Admiral Tzen-Tarrak from a wrecked Tzenkethi battlestation.
  • ALL “Scylla and Charybdis”: After the Hur'q attacking Bajor are defeated, Odo hails the Alliance fleet, urgently requesting to talk.
  • ALL “Storm Clouds Gather”: Odo claims that his is the last surviving Dominion fleet and calls for a summit with the Alliance to discuss the Hur'q threat.
  • ALL “The Search”: Odo joins the Alliance fleet in investigating Hur'q activity in the Dosi System. After answering a distress call from the Karemma System, the defending fleet commanded by the Female Changeling shows that Odo's was not the last remaining Dominion fleet after all, but rather his personal task force. After rescuing Quark as well as a purchased ominous transmitter from Karemma, it is revealed that the Dominion, including Odo, has been purposely placing Hur'q Signalling Devices on certain planets, including Bajor.
  • ALL “Doomed to Repeat”: Odo aids the player in accessing the Ancient Dominion Station in the Gamma Quadrant, where he and the player learn of the origin of the Fek'Ihri as genetic experiments by the Dominion. It is also revealed that the aggressive behavior of the Hur'q was caused by attempted genetic modifications by the early Dominion.
  • ALL “Tenebris Torquent”: Odo is part of the party that beams down to Havas-Kul, disguising himself as a sack. After the female Changeling arrives and admits to removing the fungus from the world's ecosystem, he reveals his presence to all, saying that he knew she had a hand in the current crisis. He attempts to reason with her when she orders the execution of all present, and later orders Weyoun to stand down following her death. At the end of the mission, with the Hur'q horde bearing down on Empersa, Odo asks the player for assistance once more.
  • ALL “Home”

Missions mentioned[]

  • ALL “Operation Gamma”: The player can ask Weyoun about Odo's whereabouts, to which Weyoun replies that he is with the Founders, and that the player need not know any more than that.

Other Involvement[]

  • "Introducing: The Swarm!": Ambassador Odo asks for assistance in rescuing civilians from a Hur'q attack on an unidentified planet.
  • "The Missing Link": Nuno, a Founder, returns home with his ship and crew from a five-year Dominion exploration mission. Before he can rejoin the Great Link, he learns that the Dominion is at war with the Hur'q. Accessing a console, Nuno realizes that while the Dominion has officially maintained that the war is going well, far fewer vessels are returning from their deployments than are sent out. He is met by the Female Changeling and Odo; the Female Changeling tells him that the members of the Link are not to be "troubled" with the details of the war. Agreeing to keep the secret, Nuno decides not to rejoin the Link. Privately, Odo asks Nuno to tell him everything he has learned about the state of the war.
  • Reunion: Odo returns a young Dukan'Rex to the Dominion, only to be reunited with him years later during an operation to Stakoron.



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