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FederationOmar System
Omar System.jpg
Risa Sector
Beta Quadrant

Omar Sector Map.png

The Omar System is a system located in the Risa Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

System Description[]

A ringed, Class F world, Omar has planetary conditions similar to planets populated by silicon-based lifeforms. The deep series of seismic faults in the equatorial region is known as "The Scar."

Automated systems are used to mine the rich veins of deuterium and dilithium present on the planet and in the surrounding asteroid field.


A moon in the Omar System.

The sector space depiction of the Omar System shows that a small blue planet orbits the sun as well as Omar does. Omar's single moon is located just above the planet's ring and is only visible when flying close to it. The moon is not observable from the asteroid field. Robotic Mining Operations on larger fragments are surrounded by red gases. Starfleet maintains presence in the system with a starbase.

  • Omar star
    • Omar I (not on the system map)
    • Omar
      • moon
      • planetary ring
      • asteroid field
      • Omar Space Station

Missions Involved[]



Area Map[]