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The Operations duty officer department consists of personnel who perform various odd jobs either aboard the starship, such as operating the transporter or sensors, or on the ground, such as providing explosives expertise.


Specialization Descriptions for each variant
Deflector Officer
  • [SP] Chance to reduce the recharge time for Deflector abilities
  • [SP] Chance to reflect damage while using Polarize Hull
  • [SP] Chance to gain Aux Power when activating Exotic Damage abilities
  • [SP] Increased Exotic Damage from Singularity Activation
  • [SP] Free Association: reduce other Bridge Officer Ability cooldowns after using one
  • [SP] Free Association: reduce other Bridge Officer Ability cooldowns after using one
  • [SP] Free Association: reduce other Bridge Officer Ability cooldowns after using one
Explosives Expert
  • [GR] Chance to beam in an additional Quantum Mortar
  • [SP] Torpedo Taunt/Placate (based on Threatening Stance)
  • [GR] Chance to Disable Weapons with Chroniton Mines
  • [GR] Chance for Exothermic Induction Field to fire projectiles
  • [GR] Stun Grenade now sticks to your target and explodes after 3 seconds
  • [GR] Chance to cause Radiation AOE on Exploit Attack
  • [GR] Coordinate Bombing Strike gains Knockback chance
Flight Deck Officer
  • [SP] Reduce the time to recharge hangar bays and Boarding Party
  • [SP] Increase carrier Defense while in Recall Mode
  • [SP] Increase carrier pet Accuracy while in Intercept Mode
  • [SP] Increase carrier pet Damage while in Escort Mode
  • [SP] Chance to double the number of shuttles launched with Boarding Parties
  • [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge Call Emergency Artillery
Hazard System Officer
  • [SP] Damage resistance buff with Ramming Speed and Brace for Impact
  • [SP] Damage resistance buff with Ramming Speed and Brace for Impact + [GR][SP] Increased damage vs. Elachi
  • [SP] Chance to drain target's subsystem energy when using Aceton Beam
  • [GR] Your Fuse Armor has a chance to deal double damage
  • [SP] Adds Hull Restoration from Rally Point Marker and Needs Of The Many
  • [GR] Reduces recharge time for Combat Supply
  • [GR] Ground Operational Asset Discount
  • [GR] Space Operational Asset Discount
  • [SP] Recharge time reduced on all Batteries
  • [GR] Causes Cover Shield to give a Resistance buff to nearby allies
  • [GR] Chance for Fire on my Mark to expose target
Sensors Officer
  • [SP] Debuff target's offensive damage with Sensor Scan
  • [SP] Debuff target's offensive damage with Sensor Scan+ [GR][SP] Increased damage vs. Elachi
  • [SP] Increases Damage Threshold to Break Jam Sensors
  • [GR] Target Optics debuffs enemy Damage Resistance
Tractor Beam Officer
  • [SP] Drains target shields with Tractor Beam
  • [SP] Drains target shields with Tractor Beam + [GR][SP] Increased damage vs. Elachi
  • [SP] Drains Engine Subsystem with Tractor Beam Repulsors
  • [SP] Tractor Beam Repulsors now Pulls nearby enemy ships.
Transporter Officer
  • [SP] Chance to remove hostile boarding parties with Transfer Shield Strength
  • [GR] Chance to create a Medical Generator or Shield Generator when the other is used.
  • [GR] Decreases Recharge Time of Ground Combat Pet Devices and Consumables

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