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The Orb of Possibilities.

The Orb of Possibilities is a Bajoran Orb sent to Mirror Bajor in ancient times by the Prophets. At some point in time it was taken to the Prime Universe where it was captured by the Cardassian Union during the Cardassian Occupation in the 24th Century. Although it constituted a violation of the Bajoran-Cardassian Treaty of 2371, the Obsidian Order retained the Orb until 2409.

Missions involved[]

Other involvement[]

  • Terran Task Force Reputation: As players unlock each new tier of the Terran Task Force Reputation, they are able to access Admiral Leeta's logs at a console in Ops at Deep Space 9:
    • Transmission One: Leeta reveals that she was not well-respected early in her career with the Empire, until the Orb of Possibilities was returned. through the Orb, she discovered the Pah-wraith, who gave her the strength she needed to take power.