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This article refers to the Orion species. You may instead be looking for the faction Orion Syndicate

Orion Observer.jpg
An Orion official

Playable Species
Beta Quadrant
Planet of Origin:
Rigel VII
KDF captains
KDF & Fed Boffs
Unique Traits:
Physical Strength icon.png Seductive icon.png Seduce icon.png

The Orions are a green skinned humanoid race. They are now part of the Klingon Empire after being conquered. They are a playable race in Star Trek Online, and a selection of their vessels are available for players from the C-Store.

Physical appearance[]

Both Orion males and females are tall, have distinguishing green skin, and features considered attractive to others. Orion males are often bald and have a muscular physique from physical labor. Orion females, other than their green skin, are near identical to Human females.

Other information[]

Orion females have very potent pheromones they may consciously control. They are more than capable of seducing males of most species, with a few exceptions (such as Vulcan males). Females are much less susceptible to this and in Human females this often produces headaches. Due to these remarkable pheromones the Orion females are known to be the dominant ones in Orion relationships, society, and the organized crime cabal known as the Orion Syndicate.


  • Species female trait: Ground Trait. Makes you more resistant to the effects of confuse and placate while reducing your threat generation in combat - you are less threatening, so enemies are less likely to attack you. Confuse can cause you to attack your allies, while Placate can cause you to not see the target that placated you. This trait reduces the duration of those effects.
    • +20 Confuse Resistance Rating
    • -9.1% Threat Generation
    • +20 Placate Resistance Rating
    • On Ground: Click Seduce icon.png "Seduce" to confuse the target and trick it to attack its allies and possibly also expose it.
  • Species male trait: Ground Trait. Improves the physical damage of melee attacks, and gives all melee attacks a chance to knock down your target.
    • +15% Physical Damage
    • 15% chance: to target: Knocks back +0.66 meters
      • Only affects certain things
    • On Ground: Click Seduce (male) icon.png "Seduce" to confuse the target and trick it to attack its allies and possibly also expose it.
  • Available


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Duty officers[]

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