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Orion Art 6
Orions are a matriarchal society

Notable Species:
Beta Quadrant
Capital World:
Ter'jas Mor
Political System:
Foreign Policy:
Slave trading
Melani D'ian
Klingon Subject
Alliance Relations:
This article refers to the Orion faction. You may instead be looking for the species Orion

The Orion Syndicate is a powerful criminal organization from the Rigel System in the Alpha Quadrant. After a treaty in 2394 it now is fully affiliated with the Klingon Empire and has a new capital on Ter'jas Mor.

Culture[ | ]

The syndicate heavily deals in humanoid trafficking and is famous for its Orion slave women. Although sometimes the syndicate seems to outsiders like a patriarchal culture, in fact the women rule the society, using their physiology to manipulate males of most humanoid species. (ENT episode Bound)

History[ | ]

  • In the 22nd century, the Syndicate was already operating and focused on slave trade.
  • The Orion government officially took a neutral stance in the 23rd century.
  • In the 24th century other races, such as Humans were mostly in control of the syndicate.
  • In the late 24th century the Orions began to take back their Syndicate when Hassan the Undying assassinates the current leader Raimus in 2387 under orders of his employer, Melani D'ian.
  • Since the depleted resources on their home world in the Rigel system can no longer sustain them, Melani D'ian starts to negotiate with the Breen and Klingons for assistance in 2388.
  • On Ter'jas Mor the Orion Syndicate and the Klingon Empire sign a non-aggression and mutual defense treaty in 2394, allowing the syndicate to rule the planet as a vassal state to the empire. The Orions send 1,500 Orion women as a gift to the Great Houses.

[ | ]

Current leader[ | ]

Former leaders[ | ]

  • Raimus

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