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CardassianOrra Val
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Goralis III
Information giver

Orra Val is a Cardassian civilian leading the farming colony on Goralis III. He suffers from Yarim Fel Syndrome, a fatal disease for which the cure is derived from meya lilies, a key crop in the colony. Gul Granspir used this fact to force Val to assist the True Way. When the True Way built equipment in caves beneath the colony which contaminated the water table, Val requested water purifiers from the Federation.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Seeds of Dissent”: Val initially tries to convince the player to leave the planet immediately after delivering the water purifiers. Once the player gathers more information from Sesket Dar and Amie Frisch, Val capitulates and tells the player about his medical condition, and Granspir's control of the medication. He tells the player that the True Way forces are located in the nearby caves. After the player disables the underground machinery, Val is taken hostage by Granspir. He and the colony are freed when the player defeats Granspir in combat, and disables the spatial charges planted throughout the colony.
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